Conscious Consumption Is Your Resolution For The Year? Check Out Tips To Make My Deadline

As you begin reading this, you probably already have in mind what are your new year’s goals. And maybe it’s the same as Gabriela, Caroline, Larissa, Geanina or Simone. They are five of the many readers who responded to our call on social networks, asking you to share with us the resolutions to 2017 in addition to the wishes of peace, love and health, what each intends to do, learn, start, improve in year starts. Something that depends on, first of all, dedication and persistence. And, of course, expert tips to point the way to our part of the bargain.

In this report, you will identify with at least one of the five goals chosen precisely because they are the desires of many of us. And you will see where to start. Throughout the year, we will follow as the five readers are doing in enterprise. Get inspired and make it happen in 2017.

SIMONE, 32 YEARS, banking

“This year, I started to question some attitudes. Before, did without thinking and buy on impulse. Spent changing habits and today I think if you really need what you intend to purchase. If I have to go to the Mall, I’m focused. Every change of season, do a clean one in the closet to donate clothes. For 2017, the goal is to adopt the responsible consumption of more broadly: acquiring new habits in food, in home care, hygiene and beauty. ”

Open the doors of the cabinets. How many parts and products you have ever used? Identify the excesses can be the first step to consume with conscience. But beware: the path is not renew the wardrobe with parts produced in a sustainable way, but buying less. -You can’t continue at the same pace and think that just because you are buying things sustainable or craft, is

being greener-Crystal Muniz, creator explains blog a year ago without garbage. Check out the Crystal tips, a researcher at the Center for sustainable fashion of UFRGS Bruna Lummertz and psychologist Helena Soares, founder of the flea market.

You Buy From Who?

  • Consume conscious manner is also encouraging local commerce. When shopping in the neighbourhood, you strengthens small business owners and benefits the development of the region. In the case of food, the closer has been produced, less impact will be generated to the environment by means of transport.
  • sample the collaborative initiatives and stylists who prioritize the use of materials

ecological. In Porto Alegre, vale know the marks of collective bias, OAK and 828.

  • needs an outfit? Buy direct from the designer in a street fair and know how that piece was fabricated.

Hooray For Reuse

  • the green fashion is what already exists in thrift shops and fairs selling second hand products.
  • the weekends, events such as the Brick of Desapegos and the Vintage Market are showcase for clothes that are left in the closet for stylish women.
  • invest in upcycling, which creates new products from the reuse of used tissues. In the State, there are initiatives such as Colibrii, which takes advantage of clothing, safety belts and umbrellas for nylon manufacture handbags, backpacks and accessories. For the feet, the Insecta transforms the thrift store clothing fabric in different models of stylish shoes.

Buy Less

  • Resist the settlements. If it is inevitable, to have a list with the timeless items that you really need (like a shoe, a denim shirt, pants).
  • Run shopping malls (and e-commerce) If you are upset or sad. Physical activity bring as much or more satisfaction than a purchase.
  • take the time to review the closet, experience what you already have and test new combinations to return to wear items that were forgotten.
  • make clean in parts of that tired or even use and promote a bartering with friends, coworkers and neighbors of condominium.

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Sustainable Beauty

  • If the Cabinet is filled with products by half, proposes not to bring anything new before using what you already have. Hygiene and beauty products are among the most awaken the desire to purchase, making many women accumulate an amount that don’t need fact.
  • the slow motion beauty proposes using natural formulas, preferably organic. You can do at home products like moisturizing and toothpaste with ingredients like grain alcohol, aromatic herbs and essential oils. In Porto Alegre, the village offers courses in the area.

Attention To Trash

  • worry about the fate of what you’ve consumed. You can help in the process of organizing your dry waste by recycling items such as papers, bottles and Tetra Pak cartons.
  • A composters is the best way to give the organic waste. You can check out tutorials on the internet and the manual prepared by the city. The Minhocativa offers the structure ready.

Inform Yourself And Be Inspired

On Netflix: the documentary The true cost shows the impact of excessive production of clothes in the environment and provides alternatives for consumers and entrepreneurs.

In mobile: the app free fashion gives notes and information about known brands, which have already been denounced by pointing using slave labor, for example.

On the internet: the blog a year ago without garbage brings tips to adopt conscious consumption and reduce waste.