Color Tablecloth

Whether for afternoon coffee, the child’s birthday party or friend’s wedding, the towel colorful table covers all occasions with great charm and sophistication giving a special touch to the event decoration. To create a special composition in each theme can be varied colorations and patterns, and can vary the combinations that can be made with other towels and among the cooking utensils.

Check Craftinlearning tips to brighten up birthday parties, show whim in detail to the guests or just to make meals everyday become more special and inviting. On this page you can see ideas of what are the options for different combinations of colored towel table and still discover what the ideal type for your meal. Enjoy what we bring here and be inspired!

Choosing Color Tablecloth

Plastic is a synthetic material that makes the towel color table has a shiny and silky finish that is suitable for less formal meals, as well as birthday parties, as they are easy to clean and waterproof. Cotton is best for meals everyday as to clean just put in the washing machine. Have special tissues usually appear in the finest materials such as silk or organza and require greater care in the wash, so they are suitable for formal and festive occasions.

To choose the format and optimal size of towel colorful table, one must take into account the table of features that will be used. To measure the square and rectangular table, one should calculate the length and width. As for the round tables and oval, measure the diameter. After checking the table size, it is ideal that the towel color table has a 25 to 30 cm over the tissue to become lying on the side.

Tips for towel colorful table

To compose with towel colorful table you can opt for part and more than one color. Overlap two units  to assemble wedding tables or parties. You can combine two tones, one neutral and another vibrant, or you can combine two most vibrant colors to highlight the table and decoration. Abuse of this feature also in children’s parties, where the combination of colors is always welcome. Also commonly used in children’s petting, towel colored table with prints gives a themed air to the occasion. Tablecloths chess bring a picnic air and towels with floral print give a tropical and cheerful touch to the decor.

To create a combination of kitchen utensils, decorative objects and towel colorful table, you have some ways to go. If the occasion calls for a minimalist décor, bet on monochrome combination to create the composition of the table. For this, choose the same color of towel colorful table and cutlery, or draw on the classic combination of silverware with white crockery. This will create a perfect harmony for meals as a family lunch.

In monochrome decorations, you can use printed towels with utensils and cups in lighter shades. You can also match the pattern of the colored tablecloth with the lining of the chairs. U ma idea is to choose a flowered towel to compose with striped upholstery, harmonizing the colors of the two prints.