Cloud B® ‘Tranquil Turtle’ Night Light with Melodies

I may actually be the last parent to come yesterday Twilight Turtle by Cloud B, and its countless night light variations. But after seeing several children absolutely out of panic to peaceful at night with this thing from their bed, I’m reconstructed. More more so now that I have to look at some of the forthcoming proposals Cloud B Toy Fair, starting with plush adaptation of Twinkles go Octo (above).

Cloud B® 'Tranquil Turtle' Night Light with Melodies

I love this soon-to-be-released projector night lights that are far more compact than the original turtle or ladybug. Plus design is just cute, plush body that makes him cuddle-ready. When lights are lit it slightly while issuing real constellations on the ceiling and go through a series of colors or lock one depending on what works best for the child. Then 45 minutes it switches off and then if you’re lucky, sweet dreams.

It will eat these three AAA batteries pretty well from what com seen, so it would be nice to have the option of charging, but at least this way it’s easy for kids to take him to bed or carry it around.

Also keep an eye out for new plush-goodnight hybrid toys as charming fox, which children can more easily to sleep over the turtle’s hard shell or ladybug. And we all know how hot foxes are. Also, plush frog prince headed to stores, the company is clearly banking is the hottest their release. This night is the best machine plush hybrid, with a little belly that glitters as if you were snacking on fireflies. This was super sweet or less painful depending how children think about biology. Personal I’m putting my money on this awesome octopus.