Children’s Wallpaper: How to Choose and Apply

To select the best children’s wallpaper, you will have to consider a number of factors, such as whether you want to wallpaper the entire wall, or just put in a dot, as well as the colors or images that you want in the wallpaper. You might want a childish wallpaper that is specific to a girl or a boy, or a project that could be used for both sexes. In addition, you need to think about the colors used in the bedroom, like for furniture and carpets, to ensure that the wallpaper matches the environment. Check out the tips.


The wallpaper of a child’s bedroom can be a great way to add an extra design element to a room without spending a lot of money. There are many different ways to use wallpaper, some people choose to put wallpaper in the entire half, while others find that adding a role only in some parts of the room looks better. Another option is to add wallpaper with funny designs on one wall, to a more modern design. Be sure to measure the room carefully to make sure you buy enough wallpaper.

You can choose to purchase a wallpaper in shades of Pink for a girl or blue for a boy. Other colors such as yellow or green can be a good choice for a room of neuter gender. In addition, you will want to consider the types of images you want in the wallpaper. Animals are very popular for the kids as well as fairytale characters or images of nature. Sports themed rooms are very common as well.

When choosing child bedroom wallpaper, you may also want to consider if you want the wallpaper to be able to “grow” with the child. For example, wallpaper with images of babies probably won’t work well in the bedroom of an older child, but a theme of sport can be easily converted to a room for an older child.

It is very easy to apply the wallpaper. Some types of wallpaper can be applied in mobile as well. Other wallpaper types require that you wet in back with a sponge before applying it to a wall, which can be more difficult. Prices vary depending on the quality and design, so be sure to shop at different stores and on line to find the best prices.