Child Safety and Accessories at Home

Install cameras, lock the door and take guard in rooms.

Agitation is not lacking in the daily lives of children. They do not think twice before you jump, run and move in places they should not. Therefore, child safety should be a priority issue in the house. We have a product selection – as children’s cameras, locks and door edge protector – which will ensure the protection of small. Once you know more about the equipment, make sure you take them to the house. Here you find them for unbeatable prices!

Child Safety

Children are at risk of domestic accidents if the parents are not aware of some details. Avoid any unexpected installing products such as wall protectors made ​​of foam, corner protector, locking cabinet and door, making protective and non-slip adhesive. Find the ideal product to keep the safety of children according to

Child Protection Cameras

You want to make sure your child is safe and sleeping well? Install a child protection camera in the nursery. With this product, even from afar, you can watch the little ones. The product that sells has image sensor, night vision and audio. To follow the steps of their children online, just download an application specified by the manufacturer.

Children’s Nightlight

Stop the fear of the children to sleep alone with the help of children’s night light. Addition to providing soft light, the products have animal shapes, flowers and dolls – features that make the decoration of the most fun room.

Children Signs

The danger lies not only in the house. When transporting your children in the car, small unexpected can happen. Therefore, it is important to avoid installing signposts. They indicate that the driver needs to get more attention because there are children in the vehicle.