Chic Women’s Sweaters

The chilly autumn days are inherently and uniquely warm sweaters. In addition to “warm up” but can also perform the function aesthetic. And since autumn is already here in full swing and it will not take long and will be with us white winter, let’s look into paradise and all sorts of color-cut ladies’ sweaters. On the menu ladies sweaters look into the favorite boutiques Mango, Orsay, Topshop, Bershka and H & M. In a beautiful sweater spend and you autumn of their days. Have you had will no longer mind that the outdoor temperature varies little around zero degrees Celsius. You had to be packaged in a stylish and pleasantly warm women’s sweater.

Chic Women's Sweaters

Topshop sweater

The fashion boutique Topshop discover a truly diverse range of Topshop women’s sweaters. I chose, however, only one type of sweaters, and 1970s cardigan. Ideal with leggings and high heels and kozačkám above the knee. You can choose from different designs, will be a modern animal designs (especially the leopard), but vertical stripes and monochrome models. If you do not like donning sweaters over his head, you can choose a women’s cardigan or cardigans. If you prefer a less pronounced color, then for fall inspired by this example, the six tasteful and stylish sweaters Topshop.

Orsay sweaters

A more affordable range of models, sweaters can be found in the popular German brand boutiques Orsay. In addition to long or women’s button-down cardigan, you can choose from svetýrků with a  turtleneck or modern and popular short knitted sweaters -cut below the breast. Boutiques Orsay will be the right choice for those of you who love sweaters with short sleeves.

Mango sweaters

Wide selection of  women’s svetýrků and women’s sweaters offers a fashion company Mango. Besides, how else. In addition to monochrome and shorter, there can also appear shear longer sweaters almost “retro” designs. If you love bright colors, take you, for example, could then cardigan in a sharp tone of the color red. It is interesting that most of the neckline is round. What neckline you prefer?

Bershka sweaters

Long series of trendy women’s sweaters they represent the popular boutiques Bershka. They are warm, some brightly patterned, others shaggy, all of them are stylish and incredibly comfortable.

H & M sweater

And we must not forget the boutiques, H & M, which made ​​for us a colorful (literally wide) range of women’s sweaters. Of these, one can not but notice the long button-down cardigan, colorful shaggy maxi sweaters with  turtleneck, striped tight sweaters body (with which you can align easily and your scarf), sweater sexy fallen arm. Fall in H & M is just magically colored, striped and bushy . Such jerseys brand H & M can just wear leggings and shoe lace up boots with fur on the heels of a trendy outfit you have in the world. S H & M is all perfectly stylish. Otherwise, it is the fashion company or not.

From catwalk

Models of women’s sweaters and cardigans, except of course we can “ordinary” boutiques seen on catwalks. In what combinations they are showing renowned fashion designers? With skirts, mini shorts, with elegant SATA, but also individually.