Changing the Home for the Tent

Missing approximately 31 days of my trip around the world, I’m almost setting the goal of turning everything I have on some items that go in my backpack.

First thing I noticed in this endeavor: HOW DO I SAVE STUFF. And I’m a cheapskate who doesn’t like to buy things. I have a lot of tool that was accumulating in time, all my Camping gear, personal documents, social clothes and some paperwork.

I got my items selling on OLX and am well satisfied with the result obtained, sold items that have enough time as my Ukulele and remote control cart for combustion that never rode in the last 10 years.

I’m donating clothes 90%, only some newer pieces will stay in rucksack. Adventure equipment almost I’m selling everything and already bought a new more stout to withstand camping in the snow.

Today I threw away my great companion of adventures over the past 12 years: the backpack. She went with me to every corner, got snow, desert, mountain, sea, crossed more than 10000 km in baskets bus around South America. I didn’t buy a new one yet, but I’m seeing a trail and directions of 30 Liters.

The new tent is for 2 places, with a sturdier structure, holding up winds over 80 mph and heavy rain. I’m taking the network also for the times we’re camping alone.

The coolest thing is that all I’m selling the House is turning the equipment for the journey back to the world. Today I sold the washing machine by the same value of the sleeping bag for temperatures below 5 degrees.

I believe I am now ready for a trip around the world without a plane and camping everywhere. Follow here on the blog the last few days of preparation.