Mixed Goods: Network and Software

Browsing with Geolocation, Apps, and Google
The iPhone with built-in GPS includes a set of applications that use the satellite signal to provide users with a range of added value. In addition to the almost obligatory view on Google Maps you can, for example, provide photos with the exact location data, find friends from social networks (Facebook, MySpace, StudiVZ…) and find information in its vicinity in a foreign city. The principle of localization should also flow into the browser of the laptop or the PC, so that you have an even higher experience value when using applications. Mozilla now offers a Firefox plug-in called Geode that provides exactly that functionality of the localization to create more information and more experience. Just install the plugin , restart Firefox and then try a demo app . It works surprisingly well and reliably with me-and makes you want more. Read more

Fishing in the Pantanal

If you love fishing, the Wetland should be your next destination. The region receives thousands of tourists interested in this practice every year and offers more than 250 species of fish for fishing. The Pantanal is a paradise for those who want to take a vacation, be dazzled with breathtaking scenery and improve fishing skills.

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