Massimo Dutti: Great Ideas for The Looks of Every Day

We continue with the idea of exploit the ad and the outfits of the season throughout the month to take advantage of the garments of the collections and also to bring new ideas to consumers about how to build their sets, apparel product and ideas on how to combine them, with what colours, which complements… we are going, making the difficult task but in their own way they try to sneak the turn going looking more for the other two who would have you believe that they are essential for getting the most out. Read more

H & M Are Pointing Somewhat with His Collection ‘Night’ for The Season Spring-Summer 2011

It’s H & M This year is something spectacular. He said that you he will try to offer a product that is different and more diversified (among other things to deal with the monster Inditex) and for the moment not going astray. One of its more aggressive trading strategies is the continuous offer of capsule collections included in its spring-summer 2011 season (Conscious Collection, Spring Awakening, H & M Fashion Against AIDS) result of this is the ‘Night’ collection which has just marked and which at least promises fresh air and creative lines original for what is it supposed to be a Mini-lookbook on ideas for party dress. Read more

Five Unknown Firms, Five Unnoticed Collections, Five Incredible Proposals (V)

And we continue with our monthly section of five unknown firms, five unnoticed collections, five incredible proposals which we are trying to get new brands or designers who usually would pass unnoticed unless we follow closely the beginnings of the Weeks of fashion or the presentations of their official collections in which for a petit Committee is made a first approach of the firm that subsequently touches work based on consultations on its website and sporadic releases of Collections capsules or collaborations. Read more

The Amazing and Colorful Lookbook Hackett London Spring/Summer 2011

And define it as incredible because you have to see the giro so radical that they have given to the firm and as well I have worked them. As you know, Hackett London already characterized not by their sets preppy style but for man collections stand out for their sobriety, elegance, its commitment to strong to a gentleman style and something classic and sometimes abandons its línies creatives to enter a parallel world more sport but that continues with the same pattern as they did in their time Polo Ralph Lauren or Gant. But this season Spring/summer 2011 that is approaching seems really neat for Hackett London. Read more

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