A Brief Overview of the Ios4

Four things you should know about iOS 4…
Since yesterday evening, there is now the long-awaited iOS 4 in the download with iTunes or alternatively also the possibility of the direct download (see article at fscklog ). The update is possible for all iPhone 3G and 3GS and the iPod touch second and third generation, leaving out the original iPhone and the first iPod touch. For these devices, the official software support from Apple will end. For the first time the update is completely free of charge for iPod touch. However, not all new features are supported by the iPhone 3G and the second generation iPod touch, so these models do not benefit from multitasking, keyboards via Bluetooth can not be connected, the background image of the home screen can not be exchanged, and the spears can be aligned Can not be activated. Of course, what else should you know in any case, if you have already installed or installed the update? Read more

App Test: Navigon Select Telekom Edition

Free navigation software for the iPhone
Navigation is now not only a paid extra, but rather a free feature of many smartphones, as examples serve here the approaches of Google and Nokia. These free solutions are now a real threat to well-established producers such as TomTom and Co, not only the stock market, but also the manufacturers themselves. In the course of this market development, CeBIT announced a remarkable cooperation between T-Mobile and Navigon IPhone is now available free of charge, exclusively for T-Mobile customers. The DACH version (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) has cost about € 60. This will be removed immediately * and will be replaced by the free reduced select edition-as noted, officially only available for T-Mobile customers from Germany. After this app of these days in the App-Store, I could not help but of course as a T-Mobile customer Navigon Select ( App-Store link ) download and a small “Testdrive”. Read more

Hello Multitasking!

Bye iPhone 3G…
In fact, Apple has presented on today’s iPhone OS 4 multitasking event for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The catch: iPhone 3G and iPod Touch up to the second generation do not benefit from the big, new feature of the fourth iPhone software and are officially demoted to the old iron. Considering that the iPhone 3G is still in the store shelves of the T-Mobile shops stands, is already quite surprising. The official justification: On the old hardware, the parallel execution of apps is simply not possible. But there are still a few other features that you could look forward to. Read more

GUIDE: How to Wear Boots and Model Photos!


  1. How to wear the Half Boot Shoe?
  2. Types of Clothes to Wear with the Shoe Half Pata

Advertising If you are one of those women who like to walk always beautiful and elegant, the half-paw shoe is for you! He makes the woman a lot more attractive and, besides, having a boom gives him an Up in the butt making him much steeper, and maybe that’s why they love him and they love to see them using!

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The Power of Small Earring

The maximum size document is not valid for these day-to-day little jokers. There is not much time to spare with the whole strap and dozens of daily activities, and the Little Earrings help us a lot in these moments because they are perfect for any occasion and when combined with other accessories they create unique styles.
Today we will give you some tips on how to use small ones with charm and elegance. Read more

Huawei Mate 9 in the Benchmark

While Samsung has already presented its highlight of the year and LG is still preparing for it, Huawei is also not lazy and will be launching its Mate 9 in 2016. The Huawei Mate 8 was a complete success last year and possessed an excellent equipment. The Mate 9 will have to put on a shuffle in order not only to surpass the predecessor, but also to compete with the competition.The guys from GFXBench have looked at the device once more and gave some data. Read more

How to Use Long Shirts with Style

We tell you how to use long fashionable shirts so you look perfect this season.

In neutral colors, with detail of flowers or sensual transparencies, but above all, in format maxi. The maxi blouses are trend, want to see the best parts? Browse by to the photo gallery which we have prepared in EllaHoy with the best models of shirts long, read on to know how to combine them with style.

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Comparison: Iphone Vs. Blackberry

Blackberry Bold 9700 against iPhone 3GS
After almost a year with the iPhone 3GS, it is now time to separate and to evade something new. The iPhone 4 is not my first choice for a private purchase, so I had to look around to find an adequate alternative. Maybe a model with Android? Better not, there is still the problematic with questioning . Nokia? They are not really more popular. Something else like Windows Mobile? No thanks! The ultimate focus of my choice is the perfect e-mail integration. So I stayed with Blackberry, my old friend. Because the BlackBerry Pearl 9105 is not yet available, the current choice fell on the popular BlackBerry Bold 9700 bestseller . So how is the current iPhone 3GS compared to a Blackberry of the Bold? Read more

Sony Xperia ZU Shows for The First Time Its Interface in Several Screen Shots

While approaching the presentation of a new device always leave, even under rocks, new leaks that bring us a little more detail or performance.

In this case we speak of the Sony Xperia Z Ultra, or Sony Xperia ZU, who presumably will be the coming week and that, after being seen in the “Save the date”, confirm their support for stylus and crushing scores in AnTuTu, now Let us see your interface screenshots. Read more

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