Casual Trousers

Casual trousers. Today this trendy casual clothing, in particular is a style that reaches every corner of the world, especially for all the ladies. Casual fashion is mainly based on wear simple and comfortable.

Mostly you have to be very careful when you dress casually, since this style that requires elegance and not lujocidad. To look casually you simply have to get clothes easily and comfortably.

Items most commonly used are the jeans for a casual look, because they are very comfortable and are always fashionable. You only have to choose the color that you like and combine it with other simple garments.

  1. personally, I advise you to put you pants, cowboy, a pretty simple t-shirt and a beautiful pair of sandals that have strips, in this way to wear a casual look. Recommended pants because they are items that have a lot of casual style and are therefore ideal to dress casually. Jeans, but that also other types of pants can not only wear pants and it is always better to combine them with flat sandals or with sandals that have a bit of taco, it all depends on your personal taste.
  2. you can also look casually getting a cotton capri and a cute blouse having feminine style, these two types of items will be an extraordinary casual look, especially in the ladies. What are the capri? Mostly the capri are beautiful shorts that terminate in the knees, these models are made of different fabrics and for a casual look you should always opt for the cotton capri.
  3. another way to casually look is using corduroy pants that are thick, the combine with a cotton sweater and a nice pair of boots, especially this casual look should be on those cold days. Because thick corduroy pants are warm and are perfect to be worn in the winter season. If you live in a place where rains a lot or snow constantly, I recommend that you put thick corduroy pants and combine them with boots that are high or hat, gloves and chullo, that way you avoid colds.
  4. another way to create a casual look, is using a cute sweater that is long-sleeved, combine it with dark trousers and beautiful skin boots containing ornaments. Recommended dark pants because they are thick, do not show stains and are perfect for winter. All dark pants are to be used with boots that are deleted in skin, with a long-sleeved jersey and a thick scarf or also with an a coat with belt, that way you will keep warm in the cold season.


  1. you can also get jean shorts, you combine them as slippers or ballerinas and a t-shirt that is cotton, this casual look is very fashionable for ladies present.


* Items missing or drawn up by jean, gabardine and cotton, they are great to create comfortable and casual styles.

* Wool, satin and silk, are mainly used to produce suits and formal dresses.