Capodarte: Sea of Temptations!

Our “Virtual Showcase” is full of news and want to share everything, everything, every detail, with you. We don’t want to suffer alone! Hahahahahahaha! Each story is a struggle against our consumeristic impulses. If you ever go nuts seeing the novis here, imagine we going make the materials, take the pictures, and we see it all there in front of us? ER is not easy to control our credit cards!

To star in our blog, today we have the shoes of Capodarte, which always surprises us by its sophisticated design and artisanal touches, perfect for cosmopolitan and demanding women. The news are a arras, the face of the summer and Brazilian tropicalismo. This time, the brand has chosen the theme of the evening in the Mediterranean Sea, where clicked his campaign, whose theme “Verse Al Mare” refers to the romanticism of the region. In the collection, straw, rope and cork stand out amid the atersanais vibe models. Simply everything is just the way we like: full of colours, with a lot of comfort and lavishing style!