Bridal Dresses Collections

The clothing collections wedding in 2011 have highlighted the trends this year. The summarize to help future brides to find the right dress, winking fashion. Last year there was the return of lace and asymmetrical lengths, for this 2011 bearing trend seems to return to the classic, so much so that along very long skirts and flimsy, as well as the purest white.The colorful clothes are at dusk and like so many of the pastel. Inserts We saw them also in the Model Novias collection.

vintage wedding gowns

In the wake of the first film of Sex and The City, they had already peeped the vintage clothes, but it’s just this year who return loudly. A total of simple clothes, with full skirt below the knee or just above the ankle.However, not long. The top part may be of different type, even a jacket in the suit style. Very well, the use of short and veil gloves. The flakes as decorations.

A riot of flakes, which can be colored or tone-on-tone. This year, the classic bow in Cinderella style (remember mice and birds in the apparel packaging??) is applied a bit ‘everywhere. The most traditional will position it behind at the end of the back, where he started the skirt.Otherwise they are very nice in front, on the breasts, perhaps the frame of a square neckline.

Wedding dresses princely

This is the real trend and you may have noticed by looking at the most classic collections, from Vera Wang to Nicole Brides, not to mention Aimee. The structure is always the same: a large fluffy skirt, often in tulle, with bodices worked. White is the color par excellence, but really like the ivory, as well as the pale pink. Extremely modern and colorful laces (from blue to green) to embellish the bustier. Floral Applications

The large flowers are very attractive on the wedding dresses, for a particular reason: take away the candy effect, which in some ways is cute and gives to all women, a romantic dress, in other cases it is likely the first communion syndrome . Recall that on average brides are closer to 30 than to 20, it follows that we need a more adult and not a child. The flower does just that. If you are interested in discovering the trends in 2011, do not miss the collections: Wedding Dresses 2011: Black and White by Vera Wang Wedding Dresses 2011, the premiere of Rosa ClaraWedding Dresses 2011 collection Max Mara wedding Dress 2011, the collection of Alan Hannah at