Bracelets: Learn How to Use!

These hand bracelets were seen among the fashionistas and women of all Brazil from the year 2014, when the Brunette character (Nanda Costa) of the novel Salve Jorge–broadcast on Rede Globo–has transformed the assessório into a national trend.

The Hand Palm Bracelet, or bracelet, is quite similar to an ordinary bracelet. However your difference is that she is not fixed on the wrist and on the Palm and the back of the hand. There are bracelets of all kinds of sizes and designs. is a good bet for anyone who wants to get out of the ordinary and call the attention at an event or even on the streets.

These accessories were created by two Russian sisters Katia and Sonia Gaydamak (pictured below), they were told that the idea came up when a current that they had bailed him out, stuck around the hand of Katya. After that, they began working on the bracelets and until today they are popular among the famous.

Here at Frances solved bet on simpler pieces, which can combine with everything and complete that look basic of all days, but will also bulldoze that femme fatale look!

We also have beautiful rings, bracelets for those who do not like to be in the basics. In addition to being an accessory that stands out, he has the advantage of being only one. Buying it, you don’t have to spend hours choosing which earring combine with the rings. And today what we women need is practical.