BOVESPA Stock and Stock Exchange Application

Those who invest in the stock market certainly find it interesting to have a mobile app to show stock prices. Nothing better than having a widget on the home screen of your phone showing the stock value of your wallet in real time, letting you know when preconfigured values ​​are reached. It was difficult to find a mobile application for BOVESPA with relevant information that could help investors track important financial information in real time. Most applications for dealing with stocks only showed companies from the United States or Europe.

BOVESPA Stock and Stock Exchange Application

Applications to track Bovespa shares and changes

After searching for some time and testing some apps on my Android phone, I came across Stock Alert . This app is free and is available on Android Market. In Stock Alert, you can set up alerts for the values ​​of any paper you have in your wallet and thereby better track your investments. Stock Alert searches Yahoo Finance stock price information at a few minute intervals. Certainly not for you to work in the market as a day trader, but having the program installed on your cell phone will prevent you from many visits to the broker’s website. Free Stock Alert. The BM & F BOVESPA App on the AppStore can be used to do the same thing, and help track actions on mobile phonesand tablets with ease.

In both applications, you can set up your wallets and receive personalized notifications for variations in values.

Do you know of any other interesting program to track the value of the shares of the handbag through the cell phone? Comment below!