Bluetooth Wireless Speakers

The music changes but also the equipment we use to listen to music with it. What a few years ago were players with cassettes and CDs, MP3 will now everything. Connectivity also evolving and becoming more common to see speakers and stereos that work wirelessly.

Thanks to Bluetooth technology, there have been a lot of wireless speakers that allow send music without using wires. There are many types and you probably already know them but for you out of doubt, we have selected the best for you to know how to use them at all times.

How Bluetooth speakers work?

Before you begin, you should answer questions and explain how they work. Until now, to play music on a loudspeaker you had to connect to a sound source. Either an analog player (CD and cassette) or digital, there was a cable that was responsible for transmitting the signal so we could hear it.

With Bluetooth technology, the physical connection disappears. The music travels through the air and can hear with excellent quality distance. This means you can, for example, send music from your mobile phone to a speaker with just match them . A very simple process that takes us a few seconds.

All market smartphones have a Bluetooth menu settings with which we just have to find the speaker want to connect and match. Others come with NFC so you just have to go mobile on the surface so that they “see” and to start playing music.

If we take a look at the market, we see a lot of different models. Some bigger, some small. What is right for me? Is this the speaker that best fits what I need? To solve your doubts, we’ve made ​​a classification into three different groups.

To always carry

They are the smallest but also the most versatile. These speakers have a clear youthful approach because they want smaller take him on his mobile and can listen to your favorite music anywhere without worry about where they are, but being polite and respectful to the rest.

They have a lot of power but its quality is enough if we do not seek any top model performance. They are basic but discharge their responsibilities. The difference between them lies in the design where most commitment resistant structures to withstand shocks, falls, etc. If you are looking for speakers of this type, we recommend the following.

Inves BC229

HP 1.0

To move occasionally

We climbed category. If anything characterizes the powerful speakers it is that they need to be large and heavy to provide a good magnets. As an intermediate category we have Bluetooth speakers that probably going to move occasionally.

For example, a speaker that we know will typically be in the room but, for example, at a time when we want to take another room or even the garden. Perhaps we move once every two months and the sound quality is important to us. We are not worth anything. If this is your case: we have the following models of Sonos.


To have it always working at home

We just got our selection of Bluetooth speakers with those who do not want to move. The site settled on a home and forget about them for a good season. We do not want to be anywhere else. There are good and probably meet some other function, such as audio system on your TV.

Normally in this type of equipment we find sound bars also offer a luxury quality for TV, with Bluetooth connectivity we can match mobile or tablet very easily. Want one?We make it easy.