Bicycle Accessories

Apart from the actual bike manufacturers offer different accessories to beautify the bicycle either to improve technically or to protect against theft. Meanwhile a suitable air pump when buying a new bicycle belongs mostly to the standard accessories, but also in terms of air pumps the choice of possible models is huge and offers for each wheel several models. Besides showing additionally mounted speedometer the respective speed of driving. To buy it is available in any hardware store for bicycle accessories, in many bicycle departments of large department stores. In order to transport the shopping by bike home safely, there are both baskets that you are seated with two hooks attached to the handlebars, as well as bike bags, which are mounted on racks. Also suitable for the storage compartment or handlebar as construction are children bicycle seats, so even the little ones can ride with mom and dad sure. Reflectors in the spokes allow other road users to see cyclists in poor visibility.

Protection against theft of the bicycle

The best selling bike accessories are bicycle locks. They are available in many different designs, but the purpose is basically the same: all locks are designed to prevent someone to gain unauthorized access gives the bike and it stolen illegally. Many bicycles a wheel lock is already integrated with the purchase, which is designed to prevent someone can push the bike. But only when the bicycle using a padlock, folding lock or chain lock is attached to a fixed object such as bike racks, lanterns or fences, it can not just steal a thief. Other types of bicycle locks are frame, plug or cable locks. Using permanent tests that serve to improve the lock manufacturing and security, try professionals to develop locks that are impossible or extremely difficult to crack. Only if a thief takes too long to pick a lock, it is perhaps to leave, leaving the bike without having achieved anything stand.