Best Wall Stickers for Nursery

Let’s start with the earliest appropriate age of the child for whom it is appropriate to collect the sticker on the wall. From their age depends on color and suitable tematičnost. Probably you know that for a 5 year old little boy throws a different sticker on the wall, but for a 16-year lady.

And know that the stickers will find something after all. As for the small little children and teenagers. Just need to choose very carefully especially in older children. Less pleased whole range of motives and perhaps any color.

Self-adhesive motifs strictly for nurseries

With age, you must be careful, however, eventually brought into the decision-making and choosing their child. Let him say what he would like to have animal print wallpaper for home on the wall.

For children (age 3-5) recommend the following themes:

Best Wall Stickers for Nursery

  • cute animals,
  • fairy,
  • plantlets
  • shoots

For larger ( age 6-7 ) we would recommend:

  • Princess,
  • car
  • motorbikes,
  • creatures,
  • natural motifs.

For kids “primary school” (8-12):

  • creatures,
  • nature,
  • technique,
  • abstract motifs,

For an older child (13-16):

  • fashion,
  • technique,
  • abstract motifs,
  • animals,
  • sports

After selecting the appropriate adhesive decoration, it is also important to find the perfect size and color. The size will depend also by age. Smaller children’s room, we recommend to stick more minor themes – for example, animals that are child constantly “guard” and it will keep you company. The older the child, the more we chose the larger size and a smaller number. Sometimes it is the “less is more”.

For paints should also take into account the age / size of the child. Smaller children will enjoy colorful motifs, so the color of the crazier it is, the better. Conversely, for older must choose frugally – preferably so that the color theme was neutral – black, white or gray. Against that, nobody can say anything. A “moral” or not age. Thus it can not happen that a boy will be ashamed to invite friends into the room, he will have to face sticker pink puppy you have in your unwariness previously selected.

What themes would you have chosen for their offspring? You will inspire our list of suitable labels, or would you find better? Send us your tips and experiences with a selection of the comments.