Best Toy for Newborn Baby

The play area reserved for infants must put together imagination and manual games that consetano to make the first sensory experiences. The entertainers for early childhood are the ideal solution for taking the first steps toward understanding gestures and sounds that help to develop the cognitive abilities of children. To make sure that you can choose the best products, we need to focus on the quality of the materials, which are certified, and the security of the games that are included in entertainers. Read buying guide to learn about features, pricing and best entertainers for newborn babies.

It is important that each element provided in the game is free of dangers, especially taking into account the propensity of the little ones of mouthing things right to know, instinctively, the consistency. Hence the fundamental importance of the stitching of the fabrics, in the case are present in the fabric parts, and of the absence of small and dangerous elements that can be swallowed accidentally.

Best brand models and prices

Here’s what I think are the best entertainers for newborn babies.

Grain 901 Nest Game: a peculiarity of this palestrina is the fact of being able to be easily transported to about the functional closure which makes it a kind of light and not bulky briefcase. Once opened looks like a soft and colorful mat where to lie down the child, who will be accompanied by sweet melodies to be able to also relax and lighting effects when he wants to play with the pendants. If the child is asleep, will be increased in the sides creating a real space for rest. The weight is 1.4kg, the light and sound effects work with two AA 1.5V batteries, but are not included in the package, and the price is around 70 euro to depending on the actual offers. Read RC car advice tips.

Fisher Price Friends of the Sea: suitable for very small children who can to lie on his stomach and play with inflatable plastic ball or with rattles in the shape of fish and crab. This entertainer can also be used when the small will have a few more months, thanks to its special structure designed to be transformed into a challenging game for children who are starting to develop motor activity. The soft mat with stitched patterns and drawn, can be connected, in fact, the hard but padded strings, stopped on the ground by a solid plastic base, thus creating a tunnel where the child can go when he goes on all fours. it weighs 2.88kg, measurements are 42.00 x 24.00 x 18:00 and costs around 70 euros.

Kiabi Teddy is designed for young children to be wrapped in a soft thick carpet in bear form, while can see and touch hanging dolls and balls the size of a tennis ball, but bear. This entertainer has two soft but tense arches, that attach to the mat with the click; the arcs are to be crossed and will serve to place the pendants. Soft as a down jacket, the entertainer presents Teddy shape with its head with two large ears that the child can not touch the issue that you can pull, thanks to resilient and secure seams. Composed of 100% polyester, measuring 92 x 56 x 57cm and the price on average is 50 euro.

Bright Starts 9219-3 – carpet for Sensory Awakening Swingin ‘Safari Baby’s Play Place: a entertainer in the round that has 5 modes of play to grow with the child. In fact you can raise all the sides, creating a semi-enclosed space where you can leave the baby to play in security and freedom in relation to his movements, by mounting the arches with colored pendants and mirror to develop the sense of sight and touch. The carpet It can then be stretched in part or entirely, leaving more space when the child grows, taking bows for levandoli game or when the child will sit alone and play with the games provided by the entertainer. Requires 2 AA batteries to the sounds of toys, it weighs 1.8kg, the fantasy is unisex and the price is about 85 euro.

Little Tikes Musical Ocean 3-in-1 Entertainer: This entertainer is designed to accompany the infants from birth until they will stand alone at around 12 months. It comes with 4 rigid puppets hanging from the rigid game plan plastic, in the center of the arch. The child will have the opportunity to play lying on his stomach in the early days and in a sitting position when you start to have about six months. As your child grows you will be able to turn the game board where sounds and lights are provided which are activated touching them, to become a table game and teaching when the baby will be able to stand up. It weighs 2.2kg, 40.6cm high, 55.8cm wide and 48.2cm long. It needs 3 AA batteries and costs about 55 euros.

Little beat BAG 5631 – Baby Entertainer Music, Pets Assorted: equipped with toys to develop visual and tactile experience, results in a play mat made ​​of cloth with mixed soft and abs pending, some of which have different sound effects to stimulate the attention of newborn. The puppets are hung by plastic colored hooks and the carpet, no electronic games, is washable surface through a damp cloth. The models are different, with fish or jungle animals, but all very colorful and imaginative. It requires two AA batteries, 1.5 sound for games. It weighs 1.3kg and has dimensions 66.5 x 6.5 x 41.5cm. The cost is about 60 euro.