Best Noise Cancellation Headphones: Bose QuietComfort 20 (€300)

This model is the best to hear sounds very annoying. They were the winners of our comparative of noise cancellation (section in-ear) for some reason and is left us impressed. While headphones sleeping tissue are a good idea, choices in the market are limited. Also the sound quality usually not approaching any kind of Bluetooth headsets, but here is where Bose.

Best price found: €299
The Bose QuietComfort 20 will take you to an experience at the highest level when it is sleeping. If you need to block completely the external sound, snoring, neighbors or the traffic these they will do it completely. They also have an option called “aware” because in the case that you have to listen to the alarm or the children while you’re in bed you can hear them.

Noise cancellation technology works in two different ways: 1) the same design seals your ears and physically blocks the sound. (2) the internal Electronics does the rest. This is paid face but a good cancellation is very noticeable. What you kept awake already will not be hassle.

Rubber parts are surprisingly soft and comfortable and you don’t need to force them or tighten them to your ears, so once you put them you hardly notice them. It thought headphones sleeping that have been designed to be used for hours unmolested.

However, if you sleep side are not recommended. Not only would become uncomfortable if not that in addition there would be risk of breaking, and for the price they are worth would be a significant loss. That Yes, they are robust and designed to receive his punches, but best not to take risks. If you sleep on side, we recommend the first model, the SleepPhones. They are ideal If you sleep back or face (although this is rare), then don’t run all of these problems. They are also perfect for warm nights, rather than those that are tissue u over-ear can not get.

As you can expect from the Bose, sound quality is incredible. In fact when I tried them they have made a difference as headphones to sleep with soothing music and enjoy it at low volumes. In addition to that I have taken advantage of as helmets of music. Logical, for what it cost. But it depends on your needs can be worth much worth considering them. Are the most effective with cancellation of external sounds to sleep without being disturbed in the same way that keeping a high quality audio.