Best Home Decorating Sites

If you like decorating and want know how to decorate, you can learn from decorating sites. In this article, we made a selection of five decorating sites for you to visit. There are hundreds of articles about houses, rooms decoration, parties, wedding, food, etc. The following is the list of affordable home wall decor:

  1. Abril is a big national publisher. As soon as the Internet became popular in Brazil, the Abril updated the way that the company offered content and today has a strong presence on the Internet. In the topic “Decoration” of Abril’s house site, there is a lot of cool tips for you who likes to decorate your house with great elegance;
  2. Them IG: IG portal is another reputable virtual content source. On the site “Them”, you find a session just for decoration with various tips for all tastes;
  3. Coral – everything from color for you: you probably know the Coral. It is a brand of paint, which is quite prestigious in all Brazil for its quality and low price. The virtual site of Corel offers several interesting possibilities for people who like decoration: you can check out the decorating trends for a particular year ( for example, the color chosen as color of the year), the list of products and tools that you can buy on day X. You will find several tips written by experts to help you decorate your house on Coral blog. Finally, you will find that in Choral website, there are many links to social networks, where you can follow the releases and updates of all these directly;
  4. Home & decor: already mentioned before, the decoration of the portal IG. Now going to the session of another very famous Brazilian Internet portal, the Earth. Earth has been gaining popularity as the Internet has grown in Brazil. The session of its decoration has a well qualified team, which will give you great tips and help you a lot. Check out!
  5. GNT-Globe: we have cited two major Internet portals, and here goes the third site. It is Globe globe, the same owner of the TV Globo network. The GNT is a fairly complete decorating site. In the site, you can learn tutorials by yourself. There is a series of organization of houses, tips for kitchen, living room and bedroom, etc.

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