Best Apps for Windows (February 2016)

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Despite the name, which gives the impression of being one of those generic apps from third parties, the Boards is the Todoist creators. In the words of the developers, “an experiment”. He sync with your account in this task list app and presents them in frames Kanban style, a popular business among managers and entrepreneurs and, more recently, in the sense Trello rival.

common tools Todoist like to point out responsibilities, attach files, leave comments and add new tasks using natural language, are all there. The Boards have two color patterns, a common and one night, and even works offline – when regains connection, it synchronizes the changes.

Facebook Beta

There is already a stable app Facebook for Windows. This new, still in beta, has important differences, however. It is universal, which means that the future will be available for smartphones with Windows Mobile 10, and is developed by Facebook itself – the former is done by Microsoft with the support of the social network.

The look is more polished, but the new Facebook app for Windows still has weird bugs. The biggest is that in tablet mode, it will not boot! Just disable mode, log, and rehabilitate it in order to use the app. But at least the app is well updated. He already has new reactionsbutton “like”, for example. It is a breath of hope that things will improve in the future.


The Fused is a photo editing app with a single function: mixing two images (If you are more familiar with photography, it simulates double exposure). He existed in the iPhone, and now come to Windows.

A nice aspect is that in addition to photos, Fused also works with videos up to 15 seconds, ideal for posting on social networks like Instagram and Vine.

The interface is simple and straightforward, there are controls to delete and/or draw the areas to be merged and, in addition to your own photos, developers offer “Artistic Collections”, with artists from work in order to give a professional touch to your work .


Microsoft Garage is a division that produces and launches experimental apps for multiple platforms – and almost always rivals like Android and iOS. The Plumbago is an exception, since it is unique to Windows (8:10, only on computers and tablets).

Somewhat resembles OneNote by your organization for notebooks, but here the focus is on design. Developers ensure that a smooth stroke and realistic reproductions of ink and paper, plus the ability to import images to draw on and/or around them. The interface is all original and designed to be used in sensitive screens touches.

Network Data

The same creator of the Wi-Fi Tool, Network Data comes with the same refinement and cool interface, this time to keep you informed on the network via data consumption.

The Network Data monitors traffic from the mobile network and the fixed connection, generates various graphics and divides the consumption periods. It is easy to find out how much of your franchise was consumed and where the peaks are. Both the PC and the smartphone, you can generate dynamic blocks with different layouts to learn, ready, the level of expenditure of the data.


Raise your hands to heaven and thank: the Nubank app is real. It took months between the initial promise of the Brazilian startup and the release of the app a period followed closely by apprehensively Windows Phone user community. It took, but the app has arrived.

The Nubank is a credit card, MasterCard with no annual fee, fully digital and recognized for its simple app and very easy to understand. The Windows version is almost identical to the Android and iOS.

The only problem is getting the card (the queue is huge), but if you already have yours, the app is required.

Todoist Preview

If the Boards not caught your attention and you want the traditional Todoist, the good news is that the preliminary version of the app for Windows 10 became universal recently – that is, now it works on smartphones running Windows Mobile 10 also.

All functions and features you would expect from the app are there, with a more traditional interface, the next of which exist in rival platforms.

Consider, however, that this app is not yet finalized and therefore can present problems.

Some warnings:

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