Beats Audio Is Done with MOG by 14 Million Dollars

The rumors that emerged during the month of March that aimed to HTC could have bought the MOG music streaming service through its subsidiary Beats Audio They seem to have been made a reality as a result of the press release disseminated by the companies involved in the agreement. However, what initially could be understood as the final step of the Taiwanese company towards the incorporation of a music subscription service for about 14 million dollars (11 million euros), It may not be without some controversy.

Only have enough a few hours after the official closing of the operation confirmation so gaps aflorasen. According to the official statement released, MOG will be split into two companies. On the one hand the premium streaming service, these being the “ certain assets of MOG Inc. ” that would become owned by Beats Audio, While on the other hand would be the musical network funded through advertising, with a somewhat uncertain future.

MOG presents a performance very similar to the Spotify, and can see the first one as a serious competitor in this type of services. However, hold only one-fifth of users has the Swedish giant, Despite the praises sung from the rooftops by a multitude of media, it could have ended with the patience of its investors.

The weak capacity to capture new users premium It could have become a heavy burden for the company, turning it into a product that is difficult to maintain and whose value conforms to the agreements signed with various record companies for free use of a catalogue of more than 15 million songs.

Certainly HTC could make that view of their potential buyers pose on their devices, offer a exclusive music streaming for its users service. Failure to do so, as is the panorama, the Taiwanese a long way could become them to make an attractive enough open to different platforms product against other options already existing on the market.