Be Notified When a Person to be Single on Facebook

In registers social networks we are used to mark the relationship status. With Facebook, however, this status has gained a certain update after the social network began to allow two people to become public their relationship, marking each other as lovers, boyfriends, married or even as a civil union, which has recently been implemented. An American programmer, however, was on the road opposite and created a specific website to warn when such relationships end.

Created probably the vacated programmer Dan Loewenherz, the Breakup Notifier is perfect for anyone who is checking every day if that person broke up with your boyfriend or girlfriend and is finally single. Once this status is changed, the site will send an email to the registered user warning of change and it’s time to attack prey, say, to comfort the poor soul.

To enable the receipt of e-mails the user must first authenticate to the site, giving him permission to access some data, and then select which of his or her friends he is interested. Ready. A more practical way to change your status forever alone as soon as possible. And happy stalking!