Battery Powered LED Lights for Bicycles

The forum was presented Kickstarter creative project, the LED-backlit bicycle. The machine is mounted on wheels to make the wheel. LEDs are located on the wheel and managed by a small electronic unit and magnet.
It is this magnet corresponds to synchronize the light with the rotation of the wheel. The energy is delivered through a thin wire and comes from a compact lithium-ion battery that can be charged via USB-cable. More about the project see in the video.


Bicycle Safety Lights

Let everyone know that you’re there. Strong rain and glare from headlights of cars decreased attention of drivers, so it’s a good idea to drive with a bright LED lamp in place of the seat and handlebars. Be visible! LED safety lights on ebicyclelights are relatively inexpensive and work relatively well. It is worthwhile to consider a good rechargeable lighting system that will provide more light than LED system if you need to drive in the early morning or evening. Finally, if you have just one light blinking red LED rear light is absolutely essential for driving in a storm. LED Lights are cheap and most have clamps that allow you to attach to your bike, backpack or helmet. Take your bike to be rain. You do not want to screw up runner. Best invest in bicycle to be used in the rain.Leave wings, LED lamps and pedals for mountain biking of winter cycling. When the clouds rampage will be much more pleased to plunge wheel to bad weather, knowing that runner is sushinka home. If you do not already have an old bike hanging in the garage, buy something with generous room for fenders of the frame and fork.