Bathroom and Kitchen Flooring Options

Parts can be applied in bathrooms, kitchens, laundries and pools.

Decorating environments is a task where you have to let the creativity speak louder to be like the space you always dreamed of. Lozenges can help you make the rooms of your home beautiful and characterful.

Commonly found in moist environments, such as bathroom, kitchen and laundry facilities, the parts can be used in an entire wall, replacing the tiles. Another option is to form decorative strips, with vertical and horizontal compositions. As for the wall inserts with children’s themes will make the bathroom the most playful and fun pile.

Available in several sizes, the pads are made ​​of different materials, such as glass, porcelain, stainless steel and recycled plastic, some also use these blended materials.

Each material has a benefit:

  • Glass: Easy maintenance, durability, abrasion resistant, mold or fungi, moisture and fading.
  • Recycled plastic: Easy installation, higher impact resistance and twists.
  • Inox: Easy maintenance and good workmanship.
  • China: Great durability in exterior and interior areas, abrasion resistant, mold or fungi, moisture.

At the Time of Application

It is recommended to rely on the work of a professional to install the pieces of porcelain, marble and ceramics. After all, he will know what mortar should use and the most correct way for nesting. As for the glass inserts have application are simpler because you can use spray adhesive. Check out the step by step we separate for you.

You can also find self-adhesive pads with simple installation tablets require the use of materials for nesting, you need only perform the sealing of parts.