Basics: Three Stylish Combinations With Black Tank Top

You know the basics you have to have in your closet? Jot this down: you need a black tank top. This is that part that never stop to buy or put on our short list, but can save many combinations. The flat model combines with the tailoring Department or sequins, can compose looks more minimalist or neutralize most parts worked, with you at work or in ballad, used alone or under other tops. The black race is even a basic that always looks good. Want to understand your infinite possibilities? We help you:

Black tank top + skirt emblazoned + oxford black

Everyone has a beautiful piece, all stamped, or metallized with embroidery is in love but finds it difficult to combine. An example are the skirts midis bulky and worked that are up to the next station. Combine it with a black tank top and voila, she will shine without interference. To complete the set, an oxford black well modern!

Black tank top + pants + jeans sandal

Combine basic always has a result. The black tank top with a straight fit jeans you can’t miss. The sandal thin strips gives a touch of sophistication to your look. Invest!

Black tank top + pants + colorful pumps tailor

As in the case of the skirt, the color pumps is beautiful shining alone. To create a more sophisticated combination, use the black tank top with a pair of tailoring. Look straight up to go to work happy hour with lots of charm.