Australian E-commerce Site Charges Rate of Those Who Use Internet Explorer 7

Here is an interesting idea to make the web a great place for website developers and users in general: we tax those people who use Internet Explorer 7. In this way they will have to pay the price, literally, to use an old browser you need often have a version of a site created specifically for him. It does not sound like something brilliant and should be implemented by all?

That’s exactly what the e-commerce site ustraliano decided to implement this week. From day 13 all Australians who purchase on the site using Internet Explorer 7 will see the extra charge of 6.8% on the value of total purchase. This percentage was established by adding 0.1% each month that Internet Explorer 7 was released. The notice before purchase also offers four options of alternative browsers for the user: the Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera.

If the sarcasm of the first paragraph pass completely unnoticed by anyone, here is my real opinion: I do not think a good or bad idea. Yes, it costs more to develop a version of the site specifically to work with Internet Explorer, but pass the cost directly to the users is a huge poker face. Still, reaching the user where it hurts most, the pocket can be an effective way to do it migrate to a better one.

Even the CEO of, Ruslan Kogan, told the BBC he did not expect anyone to pay this absurd fee. And yet, the percentage of users who access the site with this particular browser is low (3%), then the measure served more as a free advertisement. And they won points for showing the warning that the fee is charged by the “Department of Justice Internet.”