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Archos 101 XS in the Test

Archos 101 XS in the Test
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The Android Tablet ARCHOS 101 XS boasts a screen protector with built-in keyboard dock, which is quickly ready to go in the test.

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Every now and then connect introduces Tablet keyboards, which notes and E-mails capture better leave. Alone already, because then no longer is covering a large part of the display of the virtual keyboard. The ARCHOS Tablet 101 XS eliminates a such purchase as well as the purchase of a cover, unless it involves the screen protector: the here enclosed cover is screen protector and keyboard in one.

Scope of delivery: keyboard dock with protection function

Is the cover of the beautiful Android tablets on the table, it will power connector to the keyboard dock included. Multiple solenoid connections ensure simple handling, the Tablet and cover or keyboard dock install automatically in the correct position to each other. This is true not only for the setting up and removing of the cover as transport protection: an almost magical attraction between two parts positioned properly in the dock the tablet.

A stand fixed the position to 112 degrees. Lifting the tablet with one hand, put it, the 270 grams light dock even sticks. The use of double leaves not only on the back of the tablets use traces, but also on the underside of the keyboard dock, which after all, is closed to the front.

Only the tablet will be loaded through the micro-USB connector in the dock as the keyboard itself has no battery. It refers to the few power it needs from the tablet. Because the two through the connector are coupled, eliminates also the sometimes time-consuming enable and connect via Bluetooth.

The small size and reduced stroke cause initially increasingly incorrect operation, for example because you accidentally hit an arrow key, the cursor moved, or incorrectly displays a button. The Android-specific function keys, with which, for example, the overview of the app or the notifications get forward and the screen brightness control can be are practical.

Display: Not very bright

For an automatic adjustment of the brightness of the corresponding sensor is missing the ARCHOS. Desirable a button to activate the display, if the tablet in the dock is available, because the competent switch and the volume rocker would be on the side of the Tablet; they can be seen from the front or from the top and so to speak difficult reads. Here, you can use something to be desired.

In addition to the micro-USB port and a micro-SD card reader, a mini-HDMI output is one of the ports; You can connect your tablet to a TV with HDMI. This is definitely recommended, because the mono speaker nor the display might particularly enjoy cineastes.

The impression of a weak, reflecting and not very bright display was confirmed in the laboratory, where the contrast at low angle deviation decreased.

Multimedia equipment: Light and shadow

That’s unfortunate, because the ARCHOS has a lot on it in terms of multimedia: the manufacturer that classic media player leads, has a variety of audiothe Tablet and bought video codecs. MPEG-2 is missing although delivered, can be recharged but for 5 euros. But beware: after the update to Android 4.1.1 there was in the test for problems when you try to install the DVD-plugin from integrated Explorer.

You can start the video player, however, first the order process runs properly on the homepage. There are also two free programs for PCs and Android: ARCHOS HD video transfer split large video files without loss in several pieces, which are then copied to the tablet.

To install the app Archos remote control on an Android Smartphone, you can control the tablet with the phone unless both on the same wireless NETWORK. Here is the Protocol Universal Plug and Play (uPnP) equipped ARCHOS also released 101 XS libraries, as on a Windows PC or a NAS storage.

In terms of camera is the facilities of the new Archos tablets then again mau: Although absorbs the chat camera on the front page of HD videos with a resolution of 720 p, but an auto focus and an LED to search in vain, as well as a second camera.

Conclusion: All very practical

The display and the camera are certainly not selling points for the ARCHOS 101 XS. The price of €379 for a Tablet deliver however including keyboard dock and in particular its clever concept.

The conversion so easily able to quickly naturally use the keyboard – a happy fate that is in practice of not every external keyboard.


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