Apple iWatch – the Latest Rumors to the Apple Smartwatch

The Apple iWatch coming this September on the market according to various media reports – so eagerly awaited iPhone 6 almost at the same time as that of many. You want to know about the iWatch to learn what’s new? We learn it!

Production of the iWatch has apparently already begun, because the Apple iWatch is to come in September on the market – most likely she could iPhone 6 and the operating system together with the new iOS 8 will be presented. Apple itself of course remains silent and does not react to the rumors and reports about the iWatch. According to the China Times Apple uses in the composition of the iWatch a system-package (SiP) design, that allows developers and designers to place multiple chips on a module – so would have various sensors in the iWatch place. Biometric sensors to measure the body values the iWatch institution affecting the health – pulse, the movements and the quality of sleep, for example. The Samsung Smartwatch gear 2 offers similar functionality to its customers. The data that captures the iWatch, then forwarded it to a “Healthbook” app – this app to the new operating system iOS include 8.

If that’s true, what tells the New York Times, Apple iWatch also with a small solar panel is equipped. The iWatch no longer with a cable, but wirelessly via induction should also be charged. Bloomberg according to over 100 product designer and developer working at Apple on the iWatch. The Smartwatch by Apple will have a 1.5-inch OLED display and can be connected to the iPhone via Bluetooth. In February 2013, a patent application was published by 2011, which includes plans for a flexible screen, and a solar cell as the energy source – we may be curious, maybe that is the long-awaited innovation by Apple iWatch really! The price which is Apple iWatch according to analysts, probably lie between 149 and $199.

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