App to Track Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable: Organizze

No need to do any accounting course to take the reins of the accounts payable and accounts receivable. A service created in Brazil can greatly facilitate their by allowing yourself to manage payments and future accounts without relying on complicated Excel spreadsheets. Know Organizze, a free website to keep your finances in day.

Some personal finance experts are well – aimed to say that the first step to not enter the red is to keep the bills on time. And the best way to do this is by creating discipline in time to spend and receive money. To better visualize the financial resources, there are those who adopt complicated spreadsheets for this kind of task.

See if the service below not it simpler to manage their accounts.

The Organizze was created by James Vincent and the Felipe Felipe da Luz by a personal need. These two boys released November 2009. Months after service, are almost 30,000 users entries, complete with 200 new registrations per day. All data that travels the service are encrypted with SSL (note that the address always starts with https: //), a relief for those who have the most fear in making your financial control over the Internet.

Add expenses and income

The initial screen of Organizze is perfect for those who want a quick overview of how is your financial situation. The service displays all accounts to be paid in the future as well as the revenues that will be counted. There is still the current balance , which considers all the financial transactions of the month to tell if the user is in the red or not.

In addition to knowing the total income and expenses for the current month, the statement shows the value related to the previous month. To complete a quick tool lets you add expenses or revenues facilities. Just tell what kind of movement, the description thereof and the value, as well as the movement date.

The categories are excellent to know what the user is using their resources. The standard categories include meals, transportation and leisure, among others, but each user can create their own categories.

Not only this practice adding expense or income, the Organizze offers advanced options, such as marking the expense to be added is fixed, if we are talking about a payment in installments and we must remember that drive by email.

One of the main aspects of Organizze is practicality. Even those who do not understand absolutely nothing accounting is to manage your money in order to maintain a reasonable financial control. Remembering launch expenses and income often, the bank account will always be with the same value as the Organizze features in your resume (no go forget to include bank fees in the service).

Summary drives

The area drives Organizze show all accounts payable and receivable (or already paid and has received) in the current month. The service offers the full list, complete with description, category and value. The user has full control over your finances, can edit almost any information on releases.

For example, if you entered the wrong date for a purchase, you can correct this information from the drives.

The Organizze developers also offer a filter – simple enough, it is true – that only shows the revenues or expenses, or only the releases of a category, or a combination of these two criteria. With this, the user has to check only expenses related to food, for example.

Report spending

Inform which were always spending is very important, but only the beginning to have a real financial control. The area Reports complements this control, it offers a series of graphs relating to the user’s financial transactions. That is, the Organizze graphically displays if the user is spending beyond what should or can save certain value at the end of the month.

The graphics present in Organizze concern the comparison of revenues and expenses, ideal to whether the expenditure is above the allowed. Another way to view this information is through the previously registered categories in order to have an idea of ​​how much capital is employed in each financial category.

When selecting a category, Organizze also said what were the releases related to it. For example, if spending on the house is lower than usual, the user can view all expenses in this category, in order to ascertain whether they forgot to pay a bill.

Mobile version for smartphone

Not always we are in front of the computer, ready to add new drives. For these cases, Organizze the staff developed the mobile version of the site, which works very well with the major systems (iOS and Android) and browsers.

More features in the paid service

The free version of Organizze has all the tools for an efficient financial control, but they may not be enough for some people. Anyone who wants a way to manage more than one bank account, for example, have access to this feature from Organizze Plus, the paid version of the service.

The same goes for those who want to turn subcategories drives (the health field could discriminate whether was spent on health plan or pharmacy) or view more complete graphics with the evolution of bank accounts throughout the month.

The Organizze More costs $ 9.90 per month, an investment very welcome if you live getting lost amid many accounts, do not know the exact day to pay the credit card or want to set to save certain monthly amount to later apply for a financing of property with the Savings Bank.

He was interested but do not know if it’s worth signing this paid package? All users Organizze are entitled to seven days of testing Organizze More to taste and see if it is worthwhile or if this humble editor is lying.

Win subscriptions Organizze More

The comments in this article are open to anyone wishing to participate in the discussion, as you are bald to know. Answer what is your tip to keep the bills on time to run for three Organizze signatures. The top three sentences will take the signatures (1st place = 12 months; 2nd place = 6 months; 3rd = 3 months).

The result comes out on Tuesday, February 22, from 17h.

Technology behind the service

How do I know that has a lot programmer who reads the our site, I made ​​sure to ask Organizze creators what the technology does work service. “The main Organizze programming language in server-side is Ruby. The Organizze is hosted on Heroku a hosting company focused on Ruby web applications. In client-side we programmed much JavaScript, and HTML and CSS. To tie it all together we use a web application framework, Ruby-on-Rails. “Says James Vincent.

Winners of the contest – Update on 22.02.2011 at 17:20

My people, we have the winners. Those people who had the most interesting tips on how to manage personal finances just won Organizze signatures. Let the masters in the art of saving:

  1. @michellemoltini  wrote the following:
    “The basic tip ever received was to control what you earn, pay bills on time to avoid interest and separating at least 10% of the receipts for future programming. As today I could not do any of that and I did not adapt to any type of account control system, this will be my salvation! ”
    12 – month subscription Organizze More to Michelle did not get lost in their own accounts!
  2. Ramon Melo wrote the following:
    “Credit card with a low limit is the best thing ever invented to limit spending. You’re just going to pay all the credit (water, electricity, gas, telephone, coffee, theater , bar, all the same). Over the limit, just a spending spree! Simple as that! ”
    Congratulations, you won a 6 – month subscription of Organizze!
  3. @felipez wrote the following:
    “Want a hint to keep the bills on time? Let go of the girl and live forever alone. We can now save a lot in purchases on the card, cinema, telephone … ”
    It took three months of signing Organizze!