Angry Birds Get Three Dimensions, and Get to WP7

Easy to figure the most downloaded apps lists for Android and iOS, the game Angry Birds will arrive “soon” to Windows Phone 7, as well as gain a mysterious 3D version.

The relief has been made ​​by Peter Vesterbacka, CEO of Rovio, the game developer, in an interview to the website Pocket Lint that break he intimates that his nervous birds just have not landed on the platform due to the Redmond company’s rigors: “Let’s just say that Microsoft has many lawyers,” he said, without offering details.

The relationship of Rovio and Microsoft is not exactly the most friendly. During the presentation of Windows Phone 7 MS used the icon Angry Birds without the permission of his production, which caused a malaise between the two companies and delayed the launch of the game for the platform. In any case, Vesterbacka ensures that “all the problems left behind.”

Have information about the 3D version is less concrete. In 2006 Rovio acquired company games 3D Pixelgene and since then has produced some games in three dimensions for the Nintendo 3DS. “Although we have already made ​​other games 3D, we still have to learn a lot to recreate the technology Angry Birds”, Vesterbacka said. For now, 3D Angry Birds has no date or platform to reach the market.