Androidify: Create Your Free Android Avatar with This Google App

That robot that is present in the releases Android is the delight of many people. The mascot created by Google brings irreverence and sympathy from a design that appeals to everyone. Can you imagine, then, be able to create your own avatar inspired by the Android? Now has as thanks to an app that lets you do this. And the best is that the download is free.

The magic of Androidify is due to the transformation of the mascot. The initial image is green Google robot, we all already know. And it’s where the fun begins: you can leave it higher or quietly, perhaps with a few extra kilos. The personalization is complete from beginning to end to create an avatar that can be used in conjunction with Gravatar, for example, or games online.

After choosing the physical form of the design, the next step is to define the type of hair that the avatar will. This decision may be difficult, given that there are several options, but not impossible. The same applies to hair colors, which are varied.

The Androidify items library includes various props for the perfect avatar. It has dark or grade glasses, clothing of all types and colors and sizes and styles, various necklaces, and everything else you can imagine.

Rather than explain, see the video below how to create an avatar based on Android.

Once your avatar is ready, just send the export file. The application itself creates a final version of the drawing, which can be sent by e-mail or be transferred via Bluetooth .Unfortunately the generated image has the address of a site, but nothing that can not be removed on the same Picnik, Google.

Likes the application? It is available free on the Android Market. The development was provided by the Google Creative Lab and Larva Labs of. Requires Android 2.1 or higher.

Feel free to publish the image of its newest avatar in the comments of this article. Mine is there, illustrating the post. He bacanudo!