Android Smartwatch with Camera

There are currently no real confirmation, but the clues are now many and among them there is also the newest LG G 2nd generation Urban Watch, the first Android Wear to integrate support SIM.

The Call Manager, is independent from your smartphone, and by exploiting the smartphone, should be one of the major feature of the next update of Android Wear that will bring their unlocking of your calls.

It will be possible to respond and talk to phone calls directly from the watch but only with models recently went out and incorporating an internal speaker when Dumbledore (Huawei Watch, ZenWatch 2, Moto 360 2 (?), Urban Watch 2) while not being exploited by release Wear based on Lollipop.

In the Tucsonsmartwatches of smartwatch with integrated SIM, the ability to make and receive calls will be more complete and can also independently from your smartphone. In addition to this news, there is a major improvement for managing Android Wear from iOS saw that will change a set of permissions that should ensure greater flexibility and customization by iOS smartphone and probably also the management also calls on iOS.

They will then expand Watch Faces or better development opportunities for developers with lots of general improvements at the time not better known. Unfortunately we have no further information, but these details come from a trusted source and therefore should be Confirmable. No info upon the timing, but Google still has “changed” the minimum hardware requirements for Android Wear precisely in view of this update.