American Deputy is Caught Looking Lover on the Internet

Ah, the internets… perfect space not only to look that cover your pan, but also to begin the search of that partnership that will put a horn on the head of your spouse. And people above suspicion appear to have adhered to this option as a US congressman. Christopher Lee was caught red-handed flirting with a girl on Craigslist.

Who discovered it was the gossip site staff (and other little things) Gawker. Chris Lee, as he is known by voters, represents the 26th District of New York in Congress National there. He did nothing very serious except for answering an ad in the style of “graded love.”

The woman, 34, posted on Craigslist that is not looking for a sapo (probably in reference to that tale that says that frogs can turn into princes). Here comes the deputy answer Chris Lee, describing himself as a man of class, in good shape and with financial and emotional stability.

Continuing the conversation, Lee also said he is 39 years old and is divorced. In fact, the deputy publicly said he was happily married to his wife. And another detail: in fact it is 46 years, only seven more than the age that responded to the girl.

In the exchange of messages, the last moment that revealed the identity of the deputy. He sent an e-mail with a photo of himself shirtless. I do not know how the internal rules of Congress, but certainly characterize breaking parliamentary decorum in Brazil.

That conversation ended only when the woman in question, a public official in Maryland, sought by the name of Christopher Lee on the internet and found that it is a Member. Asked by Gawker, Lee said his first e-mail account had been hacked. Still, it is very strange that the hacker has gained access to data also smartphone.

Not coincidentally, Mr Lee announced this week the resignation of public service for the 26th District of New York.