All Meanings of PVT

PVT is the abbreviation of the English word private, which means “private“.

All Meanings of PVT

Popularly, the PVT is used to refer to various aspects in that particular situation or content is not (or should not be) access or public knowledge.

In social networks, for example, uses the PVT to classify the issue as sensitive or warn the user that a given conversation should be discussed in private.

Example: “I send my phone number in PVT” – which is equivalent to-“Send my phone number in private message“.

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This acronym is also commonly used as a slang term for private parties or small raves– electronic music parties. In these “PVT meetings”, are allowed few people entries previously selected by the host or organizer of the party.

The acronym PVT can also mean texturized vegetable protein, which is more popular as “vegetable meat” or “soy” meat.

Textured vegetable protein (PVT) is an alternative enough exploited by vegetarians who choose not to ingest any type of food of animal origin.

This type of PVT is also known by another acronym: PTS-Textured soy Protein.

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