Alexander McQueen Skull Obsession

The symbol of ‘summer 2010? The skulls, definitely. A macabre symbol of memento mori that always fascinated designers and ordinary mortals, but that in recent months more than ever has been cleared through customs as a symbol of fashion par excellence. Alexander McQueen in recent months has often been remembered as the king of skulls: we at Fashion pour Femme we have always insisted that a stylist from such great talent can not only be remembered for scark or Skull Skull Ring, but certainly we can not deny, in light of what happened last February 11, that perhaps McQueen chose the skull to catalyze their fears and their anxieties, which ultimately failed to defeat alone.

The symbol of this’ Summer 2010 seems to be only one: the skull. It seems there is no designer in circulation which has not made ​​suddenly appear in their collections at least a skeleton or skull temepestato brilliant. The death of McQueen, who has always done the skull one of many symbols of its fashion, has finally cleared through customs this symbol of death, so far only chose to dress in emo boys and almost never appeared in the collections of the designers most famous. See also Alexander Mcqueen Bracelet Skull (

This season we find the skulls of course in the collection of McQueen, the glasses themselves to the rings, through scarves, shoes and handbags, but also in the collections of other designers: Giuseppe Zanotti for example chose them for its camouflage dancers and for its ultra flat sandals, choice also made ​​by Thomas Wylde. But skulls, bones and skeletons mostly appear in the accessories collections: Roberto Cavalliuses them for his bracelet casts misfortunes, Vivienne Westwood for a very glamorous ring, while Delfina Delettrez choose the bones to its symbol bracelet. Very interesting they are also proposals for Daisy Knights and Aurelie Bidermann, who make the skull symbol of their jewelry. And then Marc by Marc Jacobs, Bess with his t-shirt, Pamela Love and Vanities: enjoy our gallery and choose the skull for you. Photo .