Alert: Paracetamol in Pregnancy Brings Trouble to Baby

Pregnancy is a very complicated time in the life of women, because for nine months it has the responsibility to take care of the life of another person who is growing inside her, being that during pregnancy it is important to be aware of the use of certain medications as or acetaminophen.

Alert Paracetamol in Pregnancy Brings Trouble to Baby

Paracetamol in pregnancy

Studies in Barcelona have shown that Paracetamol in pregnancy is linked to symptoms related to attention deficits in both boys and girls, as well as the symptoms of autism in boys only

Paracetamol is widely used during pregnancy because it relieves many of the common symptoms of gestation like: muscle aches, backache, toothache and headache.

Be careful, studies have proven that this drug in pregnant women can bring serious problems for the development of the child.

Paracetamol in pregnancy causes problems for the baby

Pregnant women who take Paracetamol in pregnancy have a high chance of having a hyperactive child or wpith Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Research carried out on almost 3,000 mothers showed that children who were exposed to Paracetamol still inside their belly had their neurodevelopment compromised, presenting a deficit of attention by means of an examination called K-CPT, which measures the lack of attention, besides presenting also some of the symptoms of autism especially in boys.

For any doubt as to the commitment of the development of the baby by the use of Paracetamol during the pregnancy the researchers explained how these problems happen with the babies by the use of this medicine.

Boys may have autism symptoms because in the early stages of life the male brain seems to be more vulnerable to harmful influences, ie, pregnant women of boys should be given extra care and never take any medication without the doctor’s indication, thus avoiding bringing children with behavioral problems.

As for Paracetamol impairing the neurological development of children has been found that because this medication is intended to relieve pain, it acts on the cannabinoid receptors in the brain, which in turn help to determine how the neurons connect to each other and mature, and the The use of Paracetamol ends up altering these processes.

It is therefore important to take great care during pregnancy to bring normal and healthy children into the world, and everyone knows that medicines help a lot when it comes to relieving the pain and unpleasant symptoms of pregnancy.

However whenever you take any medicine it is essential to consult your doctor, and this also applies to home remedies that are indicated by friends and can cause serious harm to the baby.