Adjustable Ceiling Light Pendant

You are looking for a practical, retro and charming outdoor lamp? Zoom on our must have of the week, the Wind overhead, resolutely deco and ingenious… Two essential qualities for a must have! All the outdoor Laurie light lights are HERE

Why we need the Wind overhead?

Because its authentic look and its patina and copper finish make this lamp outside a luminaire that is full of charm, typical of country houses. A style decidedly antiques, ideal to distill a “lived” in your garden.

With what we use?

With raw materials and worn to emphasize its authentic spirit: walls in stones, old farm table, wooden furniture in patinated wrought iron benches… For a maximum of charm, install it also on ancillary buildings, masonry shelters will gain a rewarding extra character to your outdoor space.

For what style of play?

Under a lean-to wooden or a terrace shaded to subdued lighting and a crude style, slightly industrial. On a balcony, it is perfect to add a Bohemian touch and get married with vegetation installed in old and mismatched pots to compose a campaign in the city area.

Its ‘more’ practice?

His ball located at the base of the ceiling, which allows to orient the diffuser and so the luminous flux, a ‘more’ really convenient! Opal finishing his globe for soft and diffuse lighting.

Its ‘more’ deco?

Without dispute, Patina copper to the light and discreet verdigris reflections, sublime finish and refined. We love also for the harmonious and rounded its diffuser shape such a deliciously retro inverted Cup.