A Matrix for Chickens Could be the Solution to the Food Crisis?

How to solve the problem of world hunger, raising animals for slaughter in small space and still ensuring their health and quality of life? The Second Livestock may be the solution for this: it is a proposed futuristic farm, which can even be installed in buildings in urban areas, where chickens using virtual reality goggles to move freely, believing they are in an open world.

It seems cruel to put the chickens to live in a Matrix from birth? Yes, business is scary at first.

But the Second Livestock is not a real project; it is a satire done by assistant professor at Iowa State University, Austin Stewart, to create a questioning of technology and the way we treat our animals and even ourselves. Still, the teacher said the global crisis of food and the need to solve this problem.

Although not want to make the Second Livestock reality, Stewart believes he might be, “we could create the necessary technology to what we have today, despite being very expensive to compensate. But in 10 years, it will be cheap enough to make economic sense, “he believes.

Even the business model has been designed: the company would bear all the implementation costs in exchange for a percentage of sales chicken, which would be sold through her ​​site.

As for the quality of life of the birds, the site itself explains that will develop a constant work in partnership with scientists and other experts to ensure that they are always right. The site also expands the use of technology, raising the idea of ​​allowing their pets stay in a virtual world when no one is at home or animals in zoos can live virtually in their natural habitats.

Stewart’s criticism, however, goes beyond concerns with food and animals. He said that humans themselves live something similar: always in confined spaces, with any device that we transport to a virtual world – in this case, our computers, tablets or smartphones. More than seek a solution to hunger, he wants using the chickens with their bizarre virtual reality glasses, draw attention to how technology impacts our lives to the point of making us live virtually.

It is a reflection – and a teaser (obviously fake) of how the world would be seen by the chickens in the Second Livestock to you freely make the interpretation between him and our virtual world: