9 Uses and 9 Applications for Your Tablet

One star of Christmas gifts for years are the tablets. What it has been one of your gifts or gift for someone you know? The tablets enhance all capabilities of a smartphone, but focused on a more conducive for use at home or work format.

If you have in your possession a brand new tablet but do not really know how to take advantage of its benefits usefully, we will propose 9 uses you can give , and also 9 uses that can give the children of the house (if you lend, of course).

Examples of uses you can give your tablet

We will see as a tablet used for many things, although many people may seem to them that you can only serve as a video player and to see your Facebook. Not so, there is much more to be done through a tablet according to Photionary.

Reviewing social networks


The first use is often given him a tablet is precisely review our social networks favorites. Live “hooked” on Facebook and Twitter, so a tablet is a perfect place to see the photographs, statements and videos of our contacts at large.

Watching movies and series or watch video tutorials and recipes


Another common use for a tablet is the video player. Thanks to applications like MX Player we see chapters and full movies on our tablet without major problems. If you want to enjoy videos of the moment or learn to make some kind of craft, or learn to cook a new recipe, or see what the new smartphone that both want before buying it , definitely YouTube is your platform perfect video.

Working with an office suite


A tablet is a perfect place to prepare jobs. Thanks to existing office suites you can draw all kinds of texts and reports, and create reports using Excel directly to your tablet. You can use Google Drive , but also the very popular Microsoft Word andMicrosoft Excel.

Read books, newspapers or magazines


Another frequent use of a tablet is to substitute the paper. The magazines, newspapers and books have in the tablet a powerful enemy. We can now access all the information in text with a few taps. You may subscribe to newspapers or most read magazines in services like Orbyt , El Mundo, but also with applications such ask iosk and More or PDF readers and digital books like Moon + Reader.

Use it as a music center and a place of musical creation


If you want to prepare a party and do not know how to select the best music , simply connect your tablet to speakers and lose yourself in applications such as Spotify or strip own music library with players like Poweramp. You can also use your new tablet as a place to compose your own songs thanks to applications like Ninja Jamm or EZ Voice.

Enjoy the best games of the moment


The tablets are also the perfect device to enjoy the games of the moment. Whether edge games or popular games , you can always throw you a party to Apalabradosor a game of Candy Crush , but also Worms 4 or Need for Speed ​​.

Creating Presentations


If you need to expose a presentation before an audience, you do not need to upload a bulky laptop: your tablet is enough. Thanks to applications such as presentations Google or Microsoft PowerPoint now you can produce and present all kinds of slides.

Communicate with your contacts, friends or family


Communicate with your loved ones, friends or contacts is one of the most useful applications of a tablet. All they incorporate keyboard (virtual or physical if you buy it ), microphone and front camera, so you can use applications such as Skype to communicate remotely by any of these methods.

Control your computer remotely


Control your computer from the couch is as simple as using an application on your tablet. You can use the next integrated into Chrome, called ” Chrome Remote Desktop “. You only have to install an extension in the browser of your computer and the application on your tablet. That easy.

The uses that can give the smallest

A tablet is a good companion for a child , provided they have a monitoring and limiting its use. With a good approach, the tablet will be really beneficial for them.

Video entertainment


The tablet has become the “lifeline” of many parents as center ENTERTAINMENT or the smallest of the house. Entertaining children with episodes of your favorite series like Pocoyo or Dora the Explorer is a good idea. YouTube can help it.

Learn languages


A tablet is perfect for children to learn languages ​​. There are numerous applications as a so – called ” Learning Languages ​​Children ” which offers children learn English words and names. Very useful, educational and entertaining for them.

music teacher


Learning to play an instrument is made ​​possible by a tablet. Younger guests will enjoy virtual pianos as Magic Piano with scores prefilled where they will learn to touch them, or an application like JellyNote , perfect for learning to play dozens of instruments.

Place to store notes and digital books


If small classroom duties , and so accumulate study, a tablet will definitely be the perfect companion with which to store notes and review the agenda they give. Applications like Aldiko or Kindle allow you to access text documents and digital books.

The most demanded games by small


A tablet allows kids to play with their favorite characters at any time. For example, we find games like “Where is my Mickey?” Or Disney Junior Play , but also others like the game Minions or the LEGO Star Wars. Fun butt for them.

Review what was learned in class


We may also find ideal applications for the kids to go over what they have learned in class, from preschool ages with applications that go over the alphabet , to applications as the successor to the Rubio booklets lifelong, perfect to review the most important lessons of Primary.

learn typing

Familiar with a keyboard is essential for small, and more with the times, where everything lies in knowing how to use either a computer or digital device keyboard. Applications like Tapwriter can help you become familiar with a keyboard and, incidentally, to learn English.

Use as a school agenda

The busy life of a small nowadays is more intense than that of an adult: classes, extracurricular activities, tests, private lessons… Ideally with control thanks to a school agenda. We can teach you to use Google Calendar , or, if we look for something more suitable for them, applications Student Agenda.

Place to draw

A tablet is perfect for children to draw their size more pictorial flair and give free rein to their imagination. There are perfect applications to draw as Peppa’s Paintboxalso some more but complete as Autodesk Sketchbook.