7 Safety Tips for Your Children

With the news we hear every day, every parent becomes increasingly concerned about the safety of their children. There are some safety rules that should be taught from the very beginning to avoid problematic situations.

7 Safety Tips for Your Children

The safety rules for the smallest and even the largest. They should not be limited to protecting the hazards of the house such as stairs, corners and outlets. You should prepare your children for external dangers.

It is very important to ensure that your child knows how to react to dangerous situations. Be alert to any sign of danger and know how to react, because danger lurks everywhere and no one can protect their children 24 hours a day.

Safety Rules for Your Children


You should talk to your child about the dangers, children are innocent and often do not realize some dangers, be the example and through games teach you to react in certain situations like answer the phone, answer the door, talk to strangers ….


Teach your children the full name, address, and phone number of their mobile phone. These data are critical in case the child gets lost or in a dangerous situation.

# 3

Teach your child about the correct way they can be touched by strangers and that some caring gestures are only allowed to special people like parents.

# 4

Answering the phone, the child should know that he should not answer the phone when he rings.

If you do, you should never say that you are alone at home or give any information.

Mobile phones should also be checked every day, and if possible, limit their functions or access to external numbers.

# 5

Do not open the door to strangers, it is a simple and essential rule to avoid dangerous situations.

Give preference to intercoms with picture so your child can see who he is.

Even so should only open in case of being a parent, siblings and never ever talk or open the door to strangers.

# 6

The internet is one of the biggest dangers of today.

If adults have difficulty managing information and teasing children are much more vulnerable to these dangers.

Teach your child to navigate safely and have some care, especially on social networks.

Limit and track your behavior on the net.

# 7

Security numbers, put prominence in your home security numbers such as police, emergency and firefighters. If the child is too young, place a speed dial on the home phone and teach the child to chew.

We can not protect our children every second but we can equip them with mechanisms to react to dangerous situations, do not postpone this moment and do not avoid more complicated issues.