5 Winter Decorations DIY Home

After Christmas has created a vacuum in the house, filled first by decorations Christmas that added warmth to our home.Now the house looks bare: the coffee table, shelves, library complain about the absence of winter decorations that are able to add that extra touch to seasonal living home with us.

How to fill that void? With 5 simple DIY projects of winter decorations for the house to be realized in a few steps. Items of furniture to beautify and warm up, furnish and decorate any room of the house. Because the winter festive atmosphere should be maintained until spring, do not you?

The total collection of vases white

Why not add a touch of white on the mantel or other shelves in the living room? The idea of the blog Songbird using old bottles of ketchup, sauces, pots with geometric shapes all painted with glossy white spray paint that makes it more elegant and refined. The combination with simple carnations bright colors (pink, red, pink mottled) or tulips will be the extra touch to a winter decoration diy simple, but effective. See Dictfurniture for animal wall stickers.

The lights even after Christmas

Light garland of  Homeroad is a great project of DIY for two different reasons: the first is to recycle the fabric ribbons and scraps of fabric saved the banner of “you never know, it could serve” and the second, Stringent topical, reuse the Christmas tree lights for a bright decor that makes the cozy house all winter. The only caution make sure that the lights are not those that are hot to prevent accidents from prolonged contact with the fabric, the rest to the imagination to adorn a door window, a stained glass window or fireplace mantel beloved.

Terrarium winter

The DIY project of Atthepicketfence  is perfect to fill the void left by a decorative Christmas.Here plays the suggestion of winter with a terrarium in a  boule glass. For materials you rely on your garden and walks out of town: pine cones, pine needles, fir twigs, dry leaves and what inspires your imagination. For “snow” a bit ‘of cotton or packaging material and the birds can recycle them for some decorating Christmas or fun to find them, along with the Styrofoam eggs, in hobby shops.

Pine cones and twigs shabby-chic

Just a touch of spray paint white satin of pine cones and twigs to create the illusion Frozen or shabby chic that makes us feel warm just see this decoration. The idea of Aestethicnest combines the snow effect of pine cones and twigs of bleached materials such as glass or silver, as a centerpiece or decoration for your living room.

romantic candle holders

Among the countless uses of mason jar to put the tomato sauce is definitely the least enjoyable.In winter decorating blog photo Nelly Vintage Home is part of an old-fashioned glass jar(mason jar)  to add a tealight candle, white lace, fir twigs, fake snow, and small pine cones. To the imagination if you have in the house sprigs of pine, white pebbles or winter berries.

I enjoy these 5 projects DIY winter decorations for the house? Let me know if you meet your taste and you will achieve them, to decorate the house with that sophisticated touch of winter.