5 Fashion Resolutions To Start 2017 With Even More Style

2016 already gives his last sighs. With the closing of another cycle, it’s time to reassess, celebrate the achievements and plan the targets for the next 12 months.

How about adding to your list of goals for 2017 5 easy targets-and incredibly useful – to help you start the year full of style?
Make a clean one in the closet

Even if you don’t take time to organize everything, put the goal to do that at least in the first quarter. Leave only what you really like, which still serves, is in good condition and has to do with your style. In addition to the relief it will feel to see everything organized in this way is much easier to see what you have. I guarantee you’ll discover treasures that forgot more simply by not being able to see them. Nothing like starting the year making the circular energy! Bonus: separate pieces to donate to those in need and some to sell and earn extra money.

You dare

Stop worrying about the opinion and judgment of others – get out of my comfort zone! Allow yourself to explore the possibilities and risk colors, prints, accessories. Set aside a time to research what pleases you, who are the people who have a style you admire, what is your favorite color, which models a dress you feel more elegant and think how you can put them into practice. Can go slowly, because some details are the difference. Vary on make choosing a different shade of lipstick or test a large Earring for who uses only small models already lend encouragement to the routine and looks everyday.

Don’t worry about the size on the label, and with the dressing well

What’s the point of buying a pair that was too tight just to have something in the closet of a size bigger than what you’re used to? Don’t let that discourage you. Focus on dressing well and makes you comfortable and beautiful. The tag number matter much less than the trim of the piece in your body. Try always try before you buy: clothes change much compared to what you see on the rack. Not to mention the lack of standardization of sizes from store to store. This tip is all about the next goal on the list.

Buy intelligently

Buy consciously is not only good for the environment (and for your Pocket): is also an important ally in time to get dressed, you end up with poor quality parts, you don’t have to do with your style or you don’t look good on your body. Not worth buying something just because it’s cheap or on impulse. Think about whether you really need that play, examine the finish, try to remember if you don’t already have something similar and evaluate if it fits in your everyday life and style. Also always good thinking in some combinations for use with the piece you want to purchase (at least 3 looks to ride with things you already have in your closet) and don’t go after the seller/friend/mother: look in the mirror and you don’t like it, best left to the next.

Forget the myths and rules of fashion and use what you like

Are you feeling overweight and want to wear stripes? Use! Loves white shoes? Adopt. Don’t like wearing high heels? Can retire the pumps. Use fashion as a way to translate your personality and for fun. With so many problems in the world, fashion should be a special and fun way to express themselves.