Color Splash, New Target for This Summer Campaign

It has further advanced the summer and white points to the fashion of the color block, as he shows us his new campaign, Color Splash, for the next summer season. Starring the Brazilian model Jean Carlos Santos, characterized by the blend of strong and bright colors, and the use, when it touches, from the smallest possible number of garments.

I don’t know you, but I already dream with me spend the day sunbathing on the beach and enjoying the Sun. And if it is with a mojito in hand, much better. To this end, white proposes bathing suits that deviate from the average, passing of the minimum briefs to boxers loose until the middle of the thigh. Everything is a matter of courage, daring and personal tastes.

The different thickness and horizontal stripes they are present in shirts, pants, scarves, hunters and bathing suits. The sailor look is full of colors to brighten up even the days of summer. Can not miss in the closet the Skinny’s colors, but eye, constricting them until the middle of the twin time.

The polo t-shirts they charge special prominence in the campaign. Both in looks monochrome, as combined with other color shirts and trousers, they are an essential item for the summer months. That Yes, contrary to what we see in the pictures, I am more supporter of go with lowered collars. Much better as well, no doubt.

You can then see the full campaign.

See complete Gallery» collection Color Splash white (summer 2011) (13 photos)

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