Massimo Dutti: Great Ideas for The Looks of Every Day

We continue with the idea of exploit the ad and the outfits of the season throughout the month to take advantage of the garments of the collections and also to bring new ideas to consumers about how to build their sets, apparel product and ideas on how to combine them, with what colours, which complements… we are going, making the difficult task but in their own way they try to sneak the turn going looking more for the other two who would have you believe that they are essential for getting the most out.

We prefer to stick with the looks that we propose for two reasons: the first one because it’s always good have new ideas to innovate our wardrobe, new proposals to complete the outfits and try new things, and second because It is still a different way to review our catalog of signature without that it is so heavy. So here we go.

The earthy colors they are one of the big bets of the firm for this season. Am personally combine them as they do in this outfit: relegate it to footwear and clothing increased as it can be one Harrington, a jacket or a Blazer and the footwear, and opting to take advantage with some shorts or trousers in very light colours. Burgundy and Indigo are the most auspicious color to accompany them, as well as the lilac.

One of the classics of the summer are the Celestial blue pants, you become a must of the season not only because it is a color according to the station, but because is a wardrobe essential for all garments in dark blue tones, Garnet, Brown and grey marengos or black without having to resort to white. Fresh, spring-like and very versatile.

If we are to achieve looks more colorful and casual, with Massimo Dutti can achieve this in part, as in general and except for the lilac, Orange and green, sins have a chromatic line that is far from flashy, extravagant colors, acids or little discrete. Detail continue to combine the foulard with shirt even though we change the pants for Bermuda, I think a success.

The linen not only is blank. Shirts and jackets Sahara style, chords with one of the strongest of the season trends, much benefit can be removed with jeans of all styles and colors clear or, why not, trying with darker shades that highlight.

Finally, the Blazer (and its lesser extent the Blazer) still think we can get out of trouble on more than one occasion. Not only in occasions more elegant and sophisticated, but the contrast of style-based shorts and pants jeans Blazer and shirt (including pole) gives much play and always looks good.

If you also bet on classic cuts, novelty patterned blazers as the Tweed or pictures of Wales and even with linings)flowers and paisley and Tartan) we can achieve incredible results without much effort.

And finally, try to make notes of color to add-ins, but we have not introduced them into the overall look. The moccasins, the dessert boots or shoes in classic drywall they can give much play in Celestial tones, Bordeaux, persimmons, yellow and lilac. They will get a contrast with pants and give a personal touch to the whole.

Massimo Dutti has several models but I bet by those who have the washing effect (washed effect), which they lowered a little color so that it is not very striking and also give a vintage touch to the set which makes it very suitable if we trust the style guidelines Sahara or boho chic.

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