H & M Are Pointing Somewhat with His Collection ‘Night’ for The Season Spring-Summer 2011

It’s H & M This year is something spectacular. He said that you he will try to offer a product that is different and more diversified (among other things to deal with the monster Inditex) and for the moment not going astray. One of its more aggressive trading strategies is the continuous offer of capsule collections included in its spring-summer 2011 season (Conscious Collection, Spring Awakening, H & M Fashion Against AIDS) result of this is the ‘Night’ collection which has just marked and which at least promises fresh air and creative lines original for what is it supposed to be a Mini-lookbook on ideas for party dress.

With only four colors (white, black, grey, and blue), has released a set of clothes that the color is not the most important gradients, cuts and contrasts of fabrics are some of the strengths for which the collection has a special and distinctive character. Better take a look.

The first of the strong points are the minimalist sets: absence of prints, bicromaticos sets and conflicting tones to get more out of the whole.

On the one hand the dark blue to achieve the elegant, sophisticated and at night, and on the other hand touch white which not only gives you a more summer touch to the set but under the the navy-style guidelines, it brightens the whole and manages to get all the strength to dark tones. A mutual contrast but everything from a minimalist point of view.

Even so, the total black looks, ideal for overnight, reinvented in materials much more fresh linen or micro-algodon, providing a very cool alternative at the same time elegant for holidays, leisure and entertainment evenings.

Contrast based on three different shades of black contrasted with the scarf in grey ash from the tab. All garments, from the blazer up the pants shot straight at Spike, passing by the shirt, tend to be fair size (slim fit) to provide a more defined silhouette of what would make the black if only.

For those who prefer to give centre stage to the shirt, H & M offers us designs such as this in which they play with the colors, the contrast of fabrics and the mixture of tones in a single garment using a provision in U nothing current.

The shirt of if one manages to steal limelight to set so they proposed to include it in an outfit formed by pants in shades of cream, earthy or beige that serve as a contrast to the nuclear white shirt, and some sneakers (loafers or nautical failing) in line with the shirt of white tones.

Finally, the fundamental piece of night: the blazer. Simple cuts, adjusted with simple lapel and false-pockets of plastran. The colors chosen for the night in this case are the grey ivory and the ash, as will serve to be able to include them in a looks where the traditional white shirt is replaced with a black oxford and change a little.

White trousers to match the shoes and get a tri-color in degraded very elegant, simple, affordable and above all to without ceasing to be something very formal dress. No doubt a series of proposals that will be warmly enough gratitude not only for being showy but economic.

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