Five Unknown Firms, Five Unnoticed Collections, Five Incredible Proposals (V)

And we continue with our monthly section of five unknown firms, five unnoticed collections, five incredible proposals which we are trying to get new brands or designers who usually would pass unnoticed unless we follow closely the beginnings of the Weeks of fashion or the presentations of their official collections in which for a petit Committee is made a first approach of the firm that subsequently touches work based on consultations on its website and sporadic releases of Collections capsules or collaborations.

We believe appropriate to offer a space where you can assimilate new concepts, new signatures and new proposals which make use in building your outfits and fill the bottom of Cabinet. Ready to do this?


The designer’s signature Mjølk, Lars Stöten, He has wanted to do a retrospective to his childhood for the collection presented by spring/summer 2011 season. It has left all his creativity flow and together with feelings which wanted to channel its first years as a designer, has left a collection that stands out among other things by the its chromatic vividness and the contrast of tissues and structures that presents, taking the Denim a leading role in the most.

The Denim is mixed together with new materials or point)neopropileno, nylon or synthetic organ) for outfits that do not pass unnoticed at all. Its strong point is perhaps the study making forms thanks to the garments in which oversized trend present in ponchos, the cardigans, jackets and pants & #8230;

… joins with the slim fit of some outerwear such as the trechs, gabardines, t-shirts and shelters three quarters. Relaxed shapes Thanks to large and geometric cuts and a style that encompasses from the preppy up to the boho-chic without being especially decisive none of them. That Yes, total absence of prints. Playing on the line of the plain designs.


As opposed to Mjølk, the signature Reservation It has opted for the season spring-summer 2011 prints in most of his designs. If you already on all their outfits sin of a British classicism very clear, the fact of using tissue based patchwork, tartan, pictures of Wales or houndstooth It emphasizes more that air british vintage that aims to convey to all garments.

Interesting are some of their complete costumes that are committed to these prints to achieve total looks that only are contrasted by the use of plug-ins as the bow ties, neckties or the borsalinos to break with the monotony of the Assembly.

The geometric prints based on microcudros, rhombuses or defined geometric shapes, coupled with classic cuts and usually quite tight, remind to signatures of British Merc, Fred Perry and Ben Sherman trends even though it paints much more classic in its lookbook that the abovementioned.

Louis Quatorze

No doubt Louis Quatorze He has wanted to go this spring for the winning horse. Its palette of neutral tones in all of the sets (creams, earthy, white and ivory) make the collection something very wearable and bearable and above all easily conjuntable. The only downside of this is that it can serve more as Center of provision to our wardrobe which to build whole outfis from your clothes.

The trench coats, in which the camel still have room, they have been made in ideal light and waterproof materials for the times most rainy as we have seen in firms such as Burberry and Gucci. The blazers and micro-point spatula and silk jerseys with v necks they form a perfect tandem getting contrasting each other thanks to the neutral background that the Chinese offer White, ivory or gray Pearl, with more structured and relaxed cuts.

Their footwear line focuses mainly on the moccasins, the dessert boots, nautical and some classic shoe shoe in darker tones that, together with the seat belts or the small leather goods, they get to stand above raw of the set. A collection of very palatable, elegant and above all fresh thanks to the use of the linen, cashmere or silk in your clothes.

Vila Romana

Clearly American-inspired signature Vila Romana (Brazilian as you may have guessed) account for its lookbook presentation of the new season with models Arthur Sales, Diego Miguel and Jean Carlos Jordão Altmann. As the sporty feeling is reflected in the collection of shirts, t-shirts and vests that presents you can see in this new collection. Designs very urban, with patterns that resemble the uniforms of rugby, football or baseball & #8230;

… It recreates an environment old school as you can do La Martina, Hackett London or Tommy Hilfiger Sport. On the other hand, the use of leather and suede in larger garments as the aviator jackets or the harrington gives much more class and quality to the finishes of the season.

It even has a small line aimed at tailoring and designs of party featuring two piece suits, Blazers, blasiers and cardigans, It proposes conjuntemos with white oxford shirts to get more contrast to the colour based on whites and blacks. Accessories are reduced to a small leather goods collection and neckties and bow ties (most abundant the former than the latter).

Wrangler Blue Bell

Within his creative line that as you can see is clearly oriented to the Denim, Wrangler signature and especially its collection Blue Bell, wanted to convey an idea of much more liberal fashion than is customary. Your clothes are designed by and for the free man who needs clothes comfortable, useful and generally quite relaxed.

With certain hippie air in their designs, jackets, vests and shirts that are usually the garments in which the injection of Denim is more evident, are mixed with military style and vintage leather boots, neck shirts ship or necklines of vertigo and accessories such as Argentine belts or tacks to achieve a the cowboy and the neo-hippie hybrid.

The result is a fresh, spring-like and above all very particular collection in which there is room for more elegant outfits based Blazers in shades of creams and earthy that you combine with dark shirts and jeans for casual styles without losing class, distinguished from the rest.

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