The Amazing and Colorful Lookbook Hackett London Spring/Summer 2011

And define it as incredible because you have to see the giro so radical that they have given to the firm and as well I have worked them. As you know, Hackett London already characterized not by their sets preppy style but for man collections stand out for their sobriety, elegance, its commitment to strong to a gentleman style and something classic and sometimes abandons its línies creatives to enter a parallel world more sport but that continues with the same pattern as they did in their time Polo Ralph Lauren or Gant. But this season Spring/summer 2011 that is approaching seems really neat for Hackett London.

An explosion of color is to define the amount and amazing variety of sets I see in your lookbook. The more acidic tones as the pink bubble gum, mingle with the pastel to highlight either on neutral and earthy funds, or about blues and blacks that enhance their color gamut. The result is an impeccable collection, with innate elegance and above all a spring spirit well overlapped with the creative line of signature: a super collection, from my point of view.

First take to the more casual looks and colorful eye. Does not baulk at any color palette: strong roses, oranges, blue … all them are combined in sets in which the shirts and the they are two unique items you find to dress top.

Shirts try to turn off the explosiveness of footwear and pants a bit based stripes and pictures in neutral tones and easy to combine. The point present on the jerseys it is also stained color and the elbow pads continue to be one of the elements for this type of clothing that most abound in season.

The key lies in not too abused ringtones and learn to combine them properly. Therefore, footwear as well as supplements, are relegated to reserved seats and that must be treated with utmost discretion not to fall into the ordinariness. The doctor bags or the Maxi bags of handles, were presented by the general in the dark or muted tones.

The looks more preppys and spring are formed from his vast collection of shorts, bermudas and linen pants that combine with old college style sports jackets in darker colors and with alphanumeric prints. Shoes as you go checking throughout the collection, are on most nautical or loafers.

Even some more summer winks based on Bermuda with floral prints and shades of acid and summer poles, are being proposed quite affordable while rayan already under my point of view, the color saturation and excess spring spirit who haunts the entire collection.

For more collected and less spring outfits, choose by trencas as the of the photo, with cordonadas buttoning and in dark colours to contrast with the firm toned pants cakes ranging from blues to Greens. A also very proven, versatile garment and halfway between winter and spring.

Within the collection are many sets that are committed to the style aviator/adventure that we have seen in other companies as Coronel Tapioca, Massimo Dutti or Gucci. Formed based on jackets in leather narrow size, Chinese trousers in light colours, beige and earthy and white shirts & #8230;.

With accessories as the the bow ties and neckties or how not, the essential sunglasses model aviator.

Finally, if you want to bet on most elegant sets in which the blazers and blasiers are the must haves, can choose either versions much more colorful and spring-based geometric prints in dark like this blazer striped & #8230 colors;

… either continue with the general tone of the collection and bet on sets in which the Blazers and the blasiers they are in darker tones and trousers or footwear color note.

A collection without a doubt very colorful, versatile and that without abandoning his creative line and its principles, or maximum, has followed betting by the classical style but with notes of color to this new spring/summer 2011 season. Rather ornate for some and perhaps too formal and elegant to others but certainly for those who bet on a style like this to form their looks, is one huge breath of fresh air.

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