Geared, Gears Come to Android

After seeing the potential of Android as entertainment system already practically we have to wait to receive games to the Android Market, and luckily these waits are are not doing very long.

Just get another famous iPhone game to our operating system. It’s Geared a game type puzzle where our goal is to get all the gears which appear to us on the screen with the help of other gear that we can put in operation.

So tell us how many gears can be used and what type. We have five gears of different sizes, which we will have to settle with much skill, one after the other, connecting them correctly so that no they bind, finally getting all den turns.

View the video at the original site.

The game features 150 levels, where gradually the difficulty will grow, as that will be increasingly more difficult to place all gears because of the elements that will appear will they prevent us putting gear wherever you want. Geared is available free in the Android Market for any device with Android 1.5 or higher.

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