Glow Hockey, Put to Test Your Reflexes

After seeing so many games that they put to work all our neurons today are going to see a game where our mind will not have to work, just have to have a few good reflexes and a good ability with the finger.

We present Glow Hockey, a game that surely many have played in its physical version in any game room. If there are some clueless to mention that the game is put the tab in the opposite goal, come on, that is easy to play.

The game is very well kept. It has good graphics simulating neon lights that will make you easily snags and want to play game after game to the single game mode that has this version along with some good sound effects. We can only play against the machine, but they give us four difficulty levels.

Glow Hockey is available free in the Android Market for any device with Android 1.5 or higher. We hope that developers not delay in getting its sequel, currently only available in iOS, which allows the way against two players, Championship mode and more customization options.

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